3. An open-air prison for 35 million people: East Turkestan
An open-air prison for 35 million people: East Turkestan

An open-air prison for 35 million people: East Turkestan

Saying they are the most victim, oppressed and helpless people of Ummah and cannot see any support from the world, chairman of the East Turkestan National Assembly Sayyid Tümtürk pointed out that the geography has turned into an open-air prison.


President of the East Turkestan National Assembly Sayyid Tümtürk made important statements to ILKHA about the events in East Turkestan, the 35 million open-air prison while other 5 million people are under difficult conditions in prisons.

Expressing that there is a situation where the international law is disregarded in East Turkestan, Tümtürk drew attention that people have restricted or even their freedom of religion and beliefs have been destroyed the within China's assimilation policies after the occupation of the country along with nuclear tests, population transfer, disrupting the ecological balance.

"Hundreds of thousands of people's property, life, and race are ignored“

"The occupation which started in 1949 was undergoing a heavy trial for 69 years. In 2017, the Chinese Communist Party received the decision of the East Turkestan to torture 5 million Muslim prisons under the title of 'Intellectual Reform and Ideological Purification'. Many Islamic scholars, especially those who have great scientific depth, were martyred," said Tümtürk.

Speaking about the assimilation program imposed by China, Tümtürk said, "While the men of the eastern Turkistan people were imprisoned in the same period, invaders were placed in the private family homes. Unfortunately, a great immorality and violation of human rights have been carried out. Again, the Chinese government has forced young Muslims girls to marry with non-Muslims Chinese atheists men in the position of slaves and concubines. Despite Turkiye and the Islamic world, hundreds of thousands of people were taken to from camps to interior regions while their properties, life, and race are ignored."

Saying that many East Turkistanese were recalled by the "return law" of China in 2017 and that all of them were arrested and put in prisons when they were at the airport. "Those people, whose only crimes are to be Muslim, were declared terrorist by the Chinese government and were subjected to various tortures," he added. 

Addressing to the international community, Tümtürk stressed that nor have the United Nations or human right associations risen their voice against those murders, which are being committed before the world.

"Tens of thousands of East Turkestan can't hear from relatives"

Adding that people from East Turkistan in Turkiye could not get any news from their families and relatives in the last two years, Tümtürk gave the following statements;

"The Chinese government, which has captured 35 million people and turned the region into an open-air prison, makes call phones to those abroad to go back. Today, tens of thousands of East Turkestanese can't head from their relatives in the region and they worry about their lives. Unfortunately, we are in despair for this issue. This situation will not continue in this way. China, of course, will pay the price for its persecution." 

"We have no expectation from the broken ummah"

Underlining that the issue of East Turkestan is an issue especially for the Islamic Ummah, Tümtürk said the most oppressed land of the Ummah is East Turkestan.

Calling on Ummah to stand with their 35 million brothers in East Turkestan, Tümtürk said, "Unfortunately, there is no the head of the Ummah today, there are division and unrest among the Ummah, and leaders of Muslim countries are not elected by free will apart from Turkiye. Therefore, we have no expectation from this broken Ummah. First, the Ummah must unite."

That recommended the decision to close the European parliament have taken on 4 October a decision of China in East Turkistan 5 million Muslim Uighurs being held captive by Nazi camps and Turkey Tümtürk condemning the taking of this work location, description of them continued in the following way.

"While the United Nations Security Council, condemning China for the East Turkistan issue, or topic brought up, world leaders meeting at the United Nations criticizing China, why there is no Turkiye at one corner in these decisions. Why Turkiye is silent about it?" he asked.

"At this point, Turkiye must not leave 35 million of Eastern Turkestanese to China's secular tyranny or to the west," he added.



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