3. Despite all our warning, the government acted impulsively on FETO
Despite all our warning, the government acted impulsively on FETO

Despite all our warning, the government acted impulsively on FETO

HUDA PAR Batman Provincial Chairman Şahin, who evaluated the second anniversary of the US-backed July 15 coup attempt, said they had known the real face of FETO since the first day and made warnings of this issue at every opportunity.


HUDA PAR Batman Provincial Chairman Davut Şahin issued a message on the anniversary of the US-backed FETO coup attempt on July 15, 2016, where 2,196 people wounded and 249 were killed.

Despite all the warnings they have made about FETO, Şahin said the government acted impatiently and said that the true face of FETO has been revealed by the coup attempt.

"Despite the insistent of HUDA PAR explained the real face of FETO, the authorities had ignored this. The process has shown how HUDA PAR was right," he said. 

"People stopped coup attempt by join hands"

Stating that FETO has tried a coup in Turkiye with the support of US, Şahin said, "People in Turkiye experienced about coups, had met with the coups before. People in Turkiye, especially those to belong the Islamic communities, had known about the painful consequences of coups, which they floated to the squares in order to prevent the coup for the peace and stability of Turkiye. The people who were in front of the tanks, who jumped on the tanks and wanted to stop this coup, were especially religious.  It was a popular revolution. A really serious coup attempt was stopped by the join hands of people."

"People in Turkiye have lived the consequences of coup deeply"

Noting that disrupt of the coup attempt is a big win for Turkiye, Şahin continued: "Because people in Turkiye have lived the consequences of the coups deeply. FETO was placing man in the important institutions of Turkiye for 40 years, especially in the military and the police force. It was gaining space and power for itself on the victimization of other people. It was taking over the public institutions. There were sections that knew this ugly face of FETO. Maybe they did not dare to bring it on the agenda. However, the HUDA PAR knew the real face of FETO and expressed it many times."

"The coup that was stopped by the hands of the people was later turned against the people"

Stating that disrupt of the July 15 coup attempt was a big win for Turkiye's people, Şahin said in his speech:

"But the attempted coup, which was stopped by the hands of the people, was later turned against the people. People's revolution was stolen from the people. Such that; some sects, those did not act during the FETO's coup attempt was saying, 'let's see what will happen', later then stole the revolution of people and tried to turn it against Islamic societies. They began to say that Turkiye should be cleared from Islamic societies. Indeed, many later Islamic communities were unfortunately victimized by the government's initiatives under the pretext of 'cleansing of FETO from institutions'. They were wronged. At first, however, those who opposed this coup were sincere devout Muslims."

Talking about the injustice application of FETO's judiciary, Şahin emphasized that there are victims convicted by the law enforcement and security enforcement officers of FETO and still held in prisons. Şahin also pointed out that HUDA PAR was the first took city's squares in order to stand against putschist at the cost of their lives.


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