3. "End the persecution of Feb. 28"
"End the persecution of Feb. 28"

"End the persecution of Feb. 28"

The families victimized by the judgment of FETO and the Feb. 28 have demanded the release of their children, who have been held in prisons for years, saying they want the persecution imposed for 20 years to terminate.


Speaking to ILKHA's correspondent, the families of prisoners, who have been exposed to the persecution of FETO and Feb. 28 judgments, expressed the persecution they and their children have experienced.

Prisoners' families, who said that their children have been jailed for a period of nearly 20 years, said that Feb. 28 persecution still continues for them, like the first day.

The victims' families, who appealed to the authorities, demanded that the victimization of their lives to be resolved as soon as possible and that the persecution that has experienced should be terminated.

"Only God knows how we suffer for 19 years"

Father Mecit Balka indicated that his son Ismail Balka has been held in prison for 19 years, stated that the persecution that has been exposed to them on February 28 and FETO still continue.

Mecit says his son has been in prison for 19 years and that the only crime is to have an Islamic cause, Balka said, "My son would go to the mosque due to his Islamic sensitivity, teach Qur'an lessons there. My son was here, was an imam to a mosque. They dismissed him from duty saying 'you raise children for the organization'. Then he went to fulfill his military service. They arrested him there and sent to prison. Only God knows how we suffer for 19 years. I call to the President from here and I ask. We want a retrial. Review their files again. If they have the crime, they have already prisoned for 19 years. If no, if they do not have the crimes, we want their rights to be given back to them."

"Our children are innocently jailed for years"

Mother Hanife Balka stated that her son has been jailed for 19 years, and also the family has been punished by exiling his son from to city to city, sent to Tokat, Bitlis, Bayburt, Bingöl, Istanbul, Diyarbakır and many other cities.

Mother Hanife Balka, who stated that her son had an Islamic personality as the only crime, said, "Our children spent their spring of life in prison without having any crimes. Their only crime is to teach Qur'an in the mosque. They did nothing wrong, they did not deserve this punishment. However, those who punished them revealed to be FETO members. We ask; take out their files and examine once more. We want them to find a solution for this victimization."

"My son was in prison and we are on roads to visit him"

Saying that her son Cömert Yorğun has been prisoned innocently for 19 years, Piruze Yorğun said that while her son was doing his military service, he was arrested by the order of the FETOs.

"My son has been in prison for years and we are experiencing this suffering on the roads. During to the journey to visit him, we had several car accidents. I broke my arm in the last accident," said Piruze Yorğun, mother of Cömert Yorğun. "We thought that the government got the opportunity to release them after July 15 coup attempt. Even the President said, 'there are citizens in prisons for 10-15 years innocently.' But we didn’t see that opportunity. Till to this age, 19 years from my age has passed on the roads to visit my child. As a mother, I am calling to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan! Take the files of our children back out. We want them to retrial our children," she added.

"What the crime of our children was sentenced to 36 years imprisonment"

Mehmet Salih Boldağ said that his son Turan Boldag was very interested in Islamic studies because of his religious sensitivity that he graduated from Imam-Hatip High School and he was very fond of mosque studies.

Salih Boldag stating that his son was taken away from home one night and spent days in torture, "My one wish; my child is being tried again. What was the crime of our children that they have been sentenced to 36 years imprisonment? We do not want any special attention. All we want is justice. My son Turan, who was sentenced only because of his religious sensitivity, has been in prison for 19 years."

"We do not want pardon or grace, we just want justice"

Cahide Gültepe, who stated that her husband Mikail Gültepe is in prison for 19 years and that she has been victimized, said:

"My husband was arrested while we were married only for 6 months. He was so tortured that I couldn’t recognize him when I saw him. There are hundreds like him and still suffering. We suffered a lot both spiritual and material. His mother was always missing him, saying his name all the time, and then she got sick due to longing for her son, lost the battle with the illness. I am calling to all authorities, Please resolve this victimization. We do not want a pardon or grace, we just want justice."



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