3. HUDA PAR Foreign Affairs Presidency releases statements on agenda
HUDA PAR Foreign Affairs Presidency releases statements on agenda

HUDA PAR Foreign Affairs Presidency releases statements on agenda

HUDA PAR Foreign Affairs Presidency released a written statement on attacks in Yemen, the US imposed sanction on Iran, the rapprochement of Turkiye and the US relations and the Palestinian issue.


HUDA PAR Foreign Affairs Department issued a written statement on the Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces' attacks on Yemen, recent developments in the Turkish Army troops and US army troops in Manbij on their joint patrol, US sanctions against Iran and the talks between putschist Sisi and Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas.

"The humanitarian situation in Yemen is becoming unbearable day by day," the statement read while made a call to the world's public not to stay silent against Yemen.

HUDA PAR warned that the US should not be trusted, which it has clearly exhibited by military coups and economic attacks on Turkiye. Underlining that sanctions against Iran are targeting not only Iran, HUDA PAR emphasized that its aim is to the whole Islamic world.

Noting that the meeting between putschist Sisi and the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was a step taken towards the zionist goals, HUDA PAR called on Ummah to unite around Al-Quds cause by leaving conflicts aside against these kinds of evil plans.

"Millions of Yemenis will die in the grip of hunger and epidemics if there is no political solution"

"The humanitarian situation in Yemen due to the attacks and embargo of the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia, which has been the cause of an unbearable situation, has been getting worse," the statement read.

"The people of Yemen, who are shaken by the civil war and massacred every day, are suffering in the face of the deadly and epidemic diseases caused by the war and the embargo."

HUDA PAR warned that millions of Yemeni people, especially children, will die of epidemic diseases if there is no political solution to this situation, which reflects in the reports of the UN.

"As HUDA PAR, we call on the world public not to keep silent against Yemen"

"The humanitarian situation in Yemen is a great shame for humanity and it is a black spot that history will record for today's world," HUDA PAR said.

Urging to the world public not to stay silent against Yemen, the statement continued: "Pressure should be made on Saudi Arabia's leading coalition forces to stop the attacks in Yemen to put an end to the embargo. Priority and importance should be given to political mediation and negotiations to end the civil war and to resolve the problem through political means."

US rapprochement with Turkiye

Underlining that the US alliance image is to gain time and is intended to strengthen in the region, HUDA PAR said, "The latest developments on the start of joint patrols of TAF [Turkish Armed Forces] and US troops shows a re-rapprochement between the US and Turkiye."

"We reiterate our warning that the United States, which is pursuing hostile plans and targets towards the Islamic world and which has been openly demonstrating this with the military coup and economic attacks against Turkiye, should not be trusted in any way."

The government should strongly refrain from repeating the same mistakes by returning to the days of alliance with the United States in Syria.

By warning the Turkish government, the statement of HUDA PAR called on government that it should refrain from repeating the same mistakes by returning to the days of alliance with the US in Syria.

"It should not be forgotten that the United States's relations under the image of friendship/ally are aimed at saving time and getting stronger.

"It should be taken into account in the medium and long term that it will hit Turkiye, the region and the whole Islamic world, and acts must be in accordance with this account."

US sanctions against Iran

"The United States has openly declared that it has disregarded international law with its recent embargo on Iran on November 5 and become a global bandit."

"Iran is not the only one targeted by this embargo. With this, every country and structure that does not approve the plans and opposes projects of USA imperialism and zionism for the Islamic geography, especially the Islamic world, has been directly targeted."

"Although it is known that if the US embargoes against Iran are approved and implemented, the biggest harm will be seen by us [Turkiye], it is as harmful as the embargoes itself to see Turkiye as a blessing to be partially exempted from the embargoes by the United States."

"What needs to be done is to form and implement power alternatives that will stabilize and regress the United States. There should be a stance against the arbitrary and tyrannical practices of the US and cooperation with other countries should be focused."

Developments in Palestine

"The meeting between Egypt's coup leader Sisi and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been revealed that a negotiating to establish a Palestinian state in the Sinai Peninsula during a meeting on 3 November has been made. This agreement, which is expressed as the 'Treaty of the Century', is a step in line with zionist targets."

Thus, Sisi and Mahmut Abbas proved that they are the servant for the zionist targets and the agents of their proposals.

"Sisi, who sacrifices his own country's land in accordance with the zionists' plans and Abbas, who seeks to deliver his country to zionism by emptying his own country, have betrayed not only the people of Palestine or Egypt but also the entire Islamic world."

"We invite all to leave all kinds of conflicts aside and unite through Jerusalem"

"With this step, the zionist occupation regime wants to completely remove the Palestinian people from their own lands and invade entire Palestine and reach their Zionist ambitions."

"In line with this evil plan, the zionist invaders, who did not hesitate to commit murder, brutality and cruelty in front of the world, have become a serious threat not only to the Islamic world but also to the entire humanity."

"As HUDA PAR, we invite everyone to develop measures and to unite through Jerusalem by putting aside all kinds of conflicts in the face of these evil attempts."


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