3. HUDA PAR issues a written statement on the agenda topics
HUDA PAR issues a written statement on the agenda topics

HUDA PAR issues a written statement on the agenda topics

HUDA PAR Headquarters issued a written statement on the agenda topics, made remarkable assessments on domestic violence problem, Astana talks, and G-20 summit.


Evaluation issued by HUDA PAR Headquarters statements made on the problem of domestic violence, Astana talks and the G-20 summit in the weekly agenda.

HUDA PAR described the UN report as scandalous that published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which includes, 'house is the most dangerous place for women!'

Drawing attention to the quote in the report, HUDA PAR noted that this is the product of a secular perspective, removes the concept of 'home' from the 'nest' feature by corrupting all religious/moral values.

Reacting to the United Nations Department of Drugs and Crime report, HUDA PAR said: "The report includes a scandalous statement in the form of 'the house is the most dangerous place for women," citing that the majority of violence against women was perpetrated by family members!"

"In fact, this point of view is the product of a secular point of view that does not believe in the family, as well as evaluating this issue with individualist and selfish approaches, corrupting all religious/moral values and distorting the concept of home from the concept of the nest."

"Of course, it is not possible for this viewpoint to find healthy solutions to the problem, which puts women in a power race against men and turns off the motherhood, which is the strongest aspect of women, and thus constitutes the main source of the problem," HUDA PAR said.

Criticizing the statements of "without evidence, the woman's statement is sufficient," said by Turkish Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selcuk, HUDA PAR underlined that it is a very dangerous idea that a person's unilateral statement is sufficient for the application of penal sanctions.

"The public spotlight video prepared by the presidency and the Ministry of family, labor and Social Services, negatively affects young people who want to establish a family," the statement read.

"In spite of all efforts against the two centuries in the entire Islamic world, especially in our country, the family institution is kept alive by adhering to religious/moral references. Unfortunately, the family institution has been dealt with from a feminist point of view for the past few years, and the family institution undermines the practices of laws."

HUDA PAR drew attention to the "law, which constitutes one of the most important reasons for domestic violence and divorces in recent years, deteriorates the nature of family, is expected to be changed, mistakes by the family, labor and Social Services Ministry, has brought a much bigger blow to the family institution."

Astana talks

In the statement evaluating the Astana meeting, HUDA PAR said the last meeting between Russia, Turkiye, and Iran in Astana for the solution of the Syrian crisis has revealed that the crisis has deepened in the interest of the international powers.

Following the alleged chemical attack on the disarmament area that formed for the political settlement, further attacks carried out on the same area and the proposal by Russia to clear the region from the groups has been introduced.

The civil war in Syria since 2011 caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people; nearly 10 million Syrians displaced, and caused billions of dollars in financial damage.

"Instead of providing the political solution of the crisis, the countries of the region have acted according to the wishes of the international actors and the effects of the war have spread throughout the region," HUDA PAR said.

HUDA PAR underlined that the political solution of the civil war in Syria depends on the countries of the region to make an agreement with each other in spite of all the happenings as soon as possible. "There is not a single Islamic country that gains from the Syrian civil war, which has caused material and spiritual deep wounds especially in the Islamic world."

"The final declaration at the G-20 leaders' summit means nothing but ridicule the minds of all people"

"At the G-20 leaders' summit in Argentina, the decision to condemn terrorism, which was taken by countries with financial and ideological support for terrorism, does not mean anything but ridicule the minds of all the people living on Earth."

"The Western imperialist powers, which are the main source of economic and social injustice in the world, exploit the resources in Africa and Islamic geography through private companies and prepare the basis for internal conflicts in most places."

"The desire to establish a reformed economic order in accordance with the interests of those countries that are often experiencing tension among themselves due to their own interest has been the main subject of the summit."

"The United States has once again insisted on not signing the Paris Climate Treaty, and has thus registered itself as one of the leading actors in environmental disasters and climate change worldwide."

"Although the latest tension between Russia and Ukraine has caused the possibility of directly confronting Russia and the United States, the interests that are kept above all have prevented it."

"The issue has not been made a global problem by a formula in the form of no direct contact between the US and Russian leaders."

"This development has clearly revealed that the international forces do not want a war in their own territory over the conflicts of interest, even if there is a war, they want to move this war into the oppressed Islamic geography."



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