3. Humanity agonizes in Yemen
Humanity agonizes in Yemen

Humanity agonizes in Yemen

The Yemeni people remain in the grip of hunger and thirst because of the attacks of the Saudi-led coalition and the internal turmoil in the country.


In Yemen, where a full human tragedy is experienced as a result of the attacks of the Saudi-led coalition forces, 14 million people are threatened with starvation. At least 75 percent of the population of 28 million people, more than 22 million need help and protection.

Massive deaths and epidemics have begun to pose a serious threat in areas where living conditions, especially scarcity, are getting worse. The number of deaths caused by diseases such as cholera and diphtheria is expressed in thousands.

Medical and humanitarian aid cannot be delivered to people

Life-saving medical and humanitarian aid cannot be delivered to a large number of people in need of emergency assistance. Saudi-led coalition forces are blocking the entry of humanitarian aid into the country. The ongoing Saudi attacks around the port city Hudaydah make it difficult to distribute food aid.

The roads from this port city to Sana'a, the country's largest city, are still closed, which has a negative impact on aid and trade convoys.

Access to health services across the country is extremely limited. During the clashes, hundreds of health facilities were shut down, damaged or completely destroyed. The displaced millions of Yemenis cannot access basic supplies.

In the country where there is a humanitarian crisis in many areas, especially in healthcare, due to lack of access to clean water, malnutrition, lack of medicines and medical supplies, epidemics, especially in cholera are increasing day by day.

The country's economy is completely collapsed

The country's economy is completely collapsed. Although 90 percent of the food, fuel, and medicine needs to be imported, the country's currency is extremely weak making it difficult to afford these. With hunger, the price of everything is increasing, while the government cannot pay salaries to public employees.

The civilians who want to flee the city are either trap in the middle of the minefields or are trying to escape between the mortar or airstrikes. In the country where attacks on hospitals, schools and basic infrastructure become commonplace, the people are experiencing a complete despair.

11 million children in need of help

Children mostly affect the conflict in Yemen. Since 2015, thousands of children have been killed and wounded. Thousands of innocent lives have been damaged or destroyed. At least 2,2 million children suffer from acute malnutrition. 400,000 children under the age of 5 are at risk of death.

Children who are suffering from diseases caused by malnutrition are being treated in hospitals, but due to insufficient medication and infrastructure, these children cannot receive adequate treatment.

There are 11 million children in the country who need help. Due to the war and deepening economic crisis in the country, it is said that the most terrible famine will happen in the coming months for 100 years.

More than 5,000 children were murdered

The attacks against Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan, Kuwait, Egypt, and Morocco, continuing since 2015.

According to the UN, more than 15,000 civilians lost their lives as a result of the Saudis' attacks and more than 23,000 civilians were injured. About 5,000 children are among the dead.

The Law Center for Rights and Development, founded in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen in 2014, reported that the number of injured and sick children who died due to the shortage of medicines and medical services is about 160,000.

As a result of the attacks of the Saudis, the country was destroyed

As a result of the air strikes led by the Saudi-led alliance, 15 airports and 14 ports have been destroyed, 781 water storage facilities, 191 power plants, and 426 telecommunications towers, as well as 2 thousand 559 roads and bridges, have been damaged.

Again, 421,000 houses, 930 mosques, 888 schools, 327 hospitals, and health facilities, as well as 38 media outlets, were destroyed. 4 thousand 500 schools were rendered dysfunctional and more than 4 million people were displaced.

Saudi-led coalition hit 1818 government facilities, 749 food warehouses, 621 food trucks, 628 stores, and commercial facilities, 362 fuel stations, 265 tankers, 339 factories, 310 poultry and animal farms, 219 archaeological sites, 279 tourist sites, and 112 playgrounds and the sports complexes throughout the country.


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