3. The law doesn't protect us but apart family members
The law doesn't protect us but apart family members

The law doesn't protect us but apart family members

Gamze Nur Eraydın one of the victims of early age marriage, whose husband was imprisoned on the ground that he committed "sexual abuse", demands her husband, who she loved and married, to be released.


The victims of the families are continuing whose spouses were arrested and put in prison on charges of "sexual abuse" in accordance with Article 103 of law 5237.

Gamze Nur Eraydın is only one of these victims, fall in love with Serkan Eraydın and married him willingly in 2011. She gave birth a daughter in this marriage.

On the complaint of the doctor at the hospital where she gave birth, Eraydin's husband Serkan Eraydin was sued, accused of "sexual abuse" with his own wife.

Serkan Eraydın was sentenced to four years and 6 months in prison for "sexual abuse" against his wife as a result of the lawsuit.

Speaking to ILKHA about the victimization she was experienced, Gamze Nur Eraydın remarked that she was 15 and her husband was 16 when they married and that was the reason of accusations.

Eraydın underlined that they got married on their own free will and that their marriage decision was approved by the families. "After I got married, I got pregnant to a daughter. When we went to the hospital for examination, the doctor filed a report why we got married at an early age."

Expressing that they were filed a criminal case against after the doctor complains, Eraydın noted that her husband was sentenced to 4 years 6 months imprisonment after the 7 years court process.

"We had a regulated life. Our daughter was 6 years old. Then suddenly, in midnight at 04.00, four police officers knocked on our door, handcuffed my husband's hands and took him away," she said.

Eraydın added that during officers took her husband under custody, they told him that he is a rapist, and on trial for sexual abuse.

Gamze Nur Eraydın stressed that her daughter was depressed. "We told her that her father went for military service. She was 4,5 –years-old when they took her father. When we go to prison to visit her father, guards search her little body and she only can see her father behind of barrels."

Eraydın underscored that 8 thousand families and 16 thousand children are suffering from this problem. "We want our sound to be heard. But no one hears us. Nearly 16,000 children are growing without fathers."

Adding that there will be her daughter's birthday after two months, Eraydın said her daughter started saying that she wants her dad at her birthday. "She misses her dad so much. She always longing for him. After 2 months, there will be her birthday. There is nothing we can do."

"They ruined our family by their decision"

Eraydın expressed that they were a happy family until her husband was arrested. "We ended up encountering financial and spiritual difficulties after he was arrested," she said.

"We had no any financial problems until they arrest my husband. We even had no spiritual problem at all. We are married for 8 years. If I had any problem within these 8 years in my marriage, I wouldn’t live with him until now. They had ruined our family with this decision."

Eraydın stated that their happiness has gone away. "I am now 22 years old. I'm sick and tired of living in two years. Instead of taking my daughter to the park with joy, I take her to the prison to see her father."

Painful Eraydın demands early marriage to be regulated in law. "I never regret marrying my husband. I would get married him again if it was today and I love him so much."

Stating that the law doesn’t protect them but separate them, Eraydın added that it is unfair what they have been going through. "My husband was charged on sexual abuse. They put him in the same cell in prison together with rapists. He shares the same cell with people who raped children. However, we married in a normal way."

"We have married our children in accordance with the law of Allah"

Sevim Eraydın, mother-in-law of Gamze Nur Eraydın, said they married their children with the approve of families 8 years ago. "We also against early age marriage but after the families approved then the consequences should not be that much heavy."

Drawing attention to the contradiction of the law, Sevim Eraydın said: "When a child files a complaint about someone and says that person abused me, then the child's statement is taken into consideration and the court sentenced the accused person. But my daughter-in-law married at her 15. She said in the court that she married on her own will but the court said we can't listen to your statement because you were under 18 when you married."

"Adultery is not but early age marriage is a crime right now. We live in a Muslim country. We cannot understand that adultery is not but early age marriage is a crime in Muslim country," said Sevim Eraydın, also pointed out that young marriages were distorted in the media.



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