3. Ulema must form wahdat among themselves
Ulema must form wahdat among themselves

Ulema must form wahdat among themselves

Speaking at the 3rd Scholars Meeting, the head of Ittihad Al-Ulema Mullah Enver Kılıçaslan emphasized that ulema must form unity among themselves and defend their lands against disbelievers.


The "3rd Scholars Meeting" organized by Union of Scholars and Madrasahs [Ittihad Al Ulama] began with the participation of scholars from Turkiye, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.The opening speech was made by Mullah Abdul-Quddus Yalçın on behalf of Ittihad al-Ulema.

Message from HUDA PAR President Sağlam

HUDA PAR Chairman Lawyer Ishak Saglam also sent a message to the program. Sağlam's message read by the presenter includes the following statements:

"I greet the esteemed scholars who have always pioneered the Islamic Ummah with the greetings of Allah.

"Such an organization is both indispensable and admirable in a period of peaks where disagreements and separations weaken Muslims," said Sağlam.

"The resurgence, unity, and alliance are needed more than ever before in this century when the toxic logic of the nation's state has disrupted the Ummah geography. Gathering from the different points of the oppressed Ummah geography, I would like to wish you, valuable scholars, the success of Allah and salute you all with my heart feelings on behalf of my party HUDA PAR. The end of our cause is to praise Allah."

After a salutation speech, the head of Ittihad Al-Ulama Molla Enver Kılıçaslan emphasized the importance of unity [wahdat].

"We feel like crying when we see the status of Muslims"

Kılıçaslan, who said these meetings, which they are holding the third one now, will be held in the following periods, wished that the program would be a means to the good deeds.

Pointing out the situation of Muslims in Islamic geography, Kılıçaslan said, "Look at the jews. They've been persecuting our Palestinian brothers for 60 years. They are jews. Allah Teala has declared them enemies. Today, there is a state like Egypt, where most of the scholars come from. There are millions of Muslims in a country like Saudi Arabia from Mecca and Medina. I wonder whom the Saud family works for? Thousands of Muslims have been killed in Egypt, while thousands of them put in dungeons. The same number of them is emigrant abroad. We feel like crying when we see the status of Muslims. Syria was the center of knowledge. What happened? The Islamic countries, including Yemen, Afghanistan, are under occupation. Today mosques are being destroyed in Syria. Churches are being built instead. 'Gather the Muslims, Jesus is our Lord! Jesus will save us.’ they say. Why is this happening to Muslims?"

"Ulema must form wahdat among themselves"

Stating that the Islamic scholars did not fulfill the duty of the Prophet Muhammad, Kılıçaslan said: "Allah does not help us because we are not doing our duty. Ulema must form wahdat among themselves and stand up against disbelief and save their country. According to Islamic Sharia, if the Islamic country is under occupation, Muslims are responsible for the liberation of that region. Is there a free Muslim? Is there a free Islamic land? That's why this responsibility is on scholars."

"The Prophethood has ended, but the duty of Prophethood is not over"

Kılıçaslan said that the Kurdish nation has gone away from Islam and went after ideologies such as communism and Marxism.  "Today, we see that the most abandoned nation in the world is Kurds, and they want to remove them from Islam and the Prophet and make them slaves. It appears that no one will give them a state. Since scholars are the heirs of the prophets, which this task is not an undervaluing task, the prophethood is over, but the mission of prophethood is not over. If we do not protect our nation, they will become jews and socialist, and Allah Teala will account us for this. We will be taken into account why the children of scholars and Muslims have left Islam."

"Islamic Ummah will not unite if the scholars do not unite"

Kılıçaslan continued: "The Prophet of Allah was afraid of being questioned in the apocalypse. He was working to get rid of that responsibility. What are the duties of scholars if they do not follow the path of the Prophet? Our Prophet praised scholars in His hadiths. Before our Prophet passed away, he left the Sunnah and the Qur'an to us. If we had that inheritance, would our children be inclined to communism? Therefore, brothers, responsibility is huge. The purpose of our gathering is for scholars to come to a unity. Islamic Ummah will not unite if the scholars do not unite. Today, the Islamic world is in abasement. Scholars have not done their duty. If scholars do their duty, this will be over."



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