3. Heartbroken mother joins sit-in protest: I've prepared bridal gown and shroud for my kid
Heartbroken mother joins sit-in protest: I've prepared bridal gown and shroud for my kid

Heartbroken mother joins sit-in protest: I've prepared bridal gown and shroud for my kid

I've prepared a bridal gown and a shroud for my daughter says heartbroken mother Yıldız Ballı, who joins the sit-in protest outside HDP office in Diyarbakir came from Konya province, demand her daughter back dead or alive.


Families, mostly mothers and come from the poorer part of Kurdish society, accusing HDP [People's Democratic Party] kidnapped their children at different times to the rural areas and recruited by the PKK, while almost all the children are under 18 when kidnapped.

Tearful families hearing the sit-in protest are making their way to Diyarbakir for a hope to receive their kidnapped children back.

Families who come with hope are waiting for the day when they will be reunited with their children, kiss them and smell them.

On the 17th day of the hopeful wait, the number of families participating in the sit-in protest has risen 43 waiting outside HDP office in Diyarbakir, a southeastern province of Turkey.

Yildiz Balli, a heartbroken mother registered in Patnos, district of Ağrı, an eastern province, took part in the sit-in protest for her 16-year-old daughter Yasemin Ballı, saying her daughter was kidnapped in 2014, while the family was residing in Istanbul.

The painful mother indicated that she noticed news posted 10 days ago on a pro-PKK webpage that her daughter was killed. Mother Yildiz Ballı said she does not believe the news, and want her daughter dead or alive.

Noting that she has prepared a bridal gown, a shroud and a grave for my daughter, the heartbroken mother said she will not believe her daughter is dead until she receives her funeral.

"When my daughter was 16, working in a textile factory, they took her from Esenyurt, Istanbul in 2014. I couldn't make them study because of financial difficulties."

"If you fear Allah, you will bring our children to us. Don't make these mothers cry, that's enough. I read online about my daughter's death 10 days ago. I read in the news that 'Yasemin Balli died'. I don't believe that. Until 10 days ago, I found out on the internet that she was on the mountains took pictures," she said.

"If Murat Karayilan claims that my daughter is dead, he should send her funeral. I can't accept her dead until I see her funeral. If they're not sending her funeral, at least let me test her bones," she asked.

Stating that she has prepared wedding dress and shroud for her daughter, mother Yildiz Ballı said: "She's either going to go under the ground or she's going to come and wear her wedding dress."

Expressing that she even prepared a grave for her daughter, the heartbroken mother said she visits that empty grave and cries for her daughter.

"I want my daughter sitting outside the HDP. If they say she's dead by posting her pictures on the internet, then they should send her funeral to me."

Saying that she wants my daughter from Murat Karayilan, Abdullah Öcalan and Selahattin Demirtas, mother Yildiz Balli continued: "We all want our children from them. We expect support from our president and all Turkey."



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