3. HUDA PAR calls Islamic countries to develop effective measures against US-zionism alliance
HUDA PAR calls Islamic countries to develop effective measures against US-zionism alliance

HUDA PAR calls Islamic countries to develop effective measures against US-zionism alliance

Assessing the occupation regime's attacks on Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, HUDA PAR called on Islamic countries to develop more effective measures against the US-zionism alliance.


In its assessment of the occupation regime's airstrikes on Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, HUDA PAR headquarters called on the UN and regional countries to introduce "deterrent sanctions" against the occupying terror regime.

The foreign agenda assessment released by HUDA PAR headquarters also covered topics such as tensions between the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] and Hamas, the Erdoğan-Putin summit and developments in Syria.

The occupation regime's attacks on Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon

The occupation regime continues to carry out air strikes on Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. The occupation regime's latest attack on Syria, which has become almost routine, has been interpreted by Bahrain and the United States as self-defense.

HUDA PAR underlined that the occupation regime with these attacks also aims to change the agenda and avoid corruption charges. "But it would be wrong to evaluate the process only in this respect."

The fact that the occupation regime has carried out an attack on Iraq for the first time since 1981 and on Lebanon since 2006 when the zionist occupation of southern Lebanon ended.

The occupation regime, which has entered the process of normalization with some of the countries in the region, is becoming more aggressive with each passing day by drawing advantage from the conflicts and disorganization of the Islamic Ummah.

HUDA PAR warned that the occupation regime is dragging the region into a dangerous process with these attacks.

HUDA PAR also called that the attacks of the occupation regime and the genocide carried out in Palestine should not be accepted by the countries of the region and the UN, and deterrent sanctions against the occupation regime should be put in place.

"On the other hand, the necessity of Islamic countries to develop more effective measures against the US-Zionism alliance has emerged once again," the agenda assessment read.

PLO-Hamas tension

The Palestine Liberation Organization blamed Hamas for the attack by unidentified assailants on its offices in Gaza.

The consensus between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas against the 'The deal of the century' had promised hope for the future of Palestinian politics and reinforced the possibility that a process against the occupation regime could begin.

The Palestinian issue and resistance are going through a very difficult period after the 'betrayal of the century' agreement, the U.S. support by driving the occupation regime into the field in the Islamic geography, the insensitivity of the Muslim public against the attacks of the occupation regime, the normalization of military, economic and diplomatic activities carried out by some countries in the region with the occupation regime.

This process obliges the Palestinian resistance movements to act jointly against the occupation regime, as well as obliges the formation of unity within the Islamic Ummah in the common denominator of Jerusalem and Palestine.

It should be ensured that the occupation and aggression of the occupation regime can also be condemned internationally.

First of all, it is very important that active Islamic countries such as Turkey and Iran take the initiative to mediate between Palestinian resistances groups, at least to gain a common stance.

On the other hand, while the crimes and murders of the occupation regime are obvious, the fact that some groups have left the occupation regime and taken actions against the Palestinians will undermine the resistance, and these attacks will benefit the occupation regime.

Erdoğan-Putin summit and developments in Syria

Developments such as the agreement reached between the United States and Turkey on the safe zone in Syria, the heavy attacks of the regime against Idlib, the siege of the Turkish observation posts and the attacks of the occupation regime in Syria from time to time, indicate that conditions have changed and a new phase has been entered in the Syrian Civil War.

President Erdoğan and Vladimir Putin met urgently once again. The summit in Russia focused on regional issues, particularly the Idlib operation.

Despite the Astana process in Idlib, attacks by Russia and the Syrian regime for a long time have left hundreds of civilians dead while hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced from their homes.

The attacks against Idlib, which has been declared a de-escalation zone, are a clear violation of the Idlib agreement. Russia, one of the parties to the accord, has undermined the negotiation process with the Idlib attacks, causing a humanitarian crisis.

Simultaneously, regime forces attacked Turkey's observation posts in Idlib with Russia's approval.

On the other hand, the Zionist occupation regime's attacks on Syria show that the US and Russia are at the same point in the security of the occupation regime.

All these processes show once again that Russia is not a reliable partner in Syria, just like the United States, and that it will pose a serious threat to the countries of the region.

It has been experienced that U.S. and Russian axis policies have extended the war process and deepened the humanitarian crisis.

This has once again demonstrated that peace in Syria will be possible not with the United States and Russia, but with the countries of the region starting a process among themselves.

Therefore, Turkey should give importance to cooperation with the countries of the region, especially Iran, and should give importance to the negotiation between the domestic elements.

However, together with the domestic elements of the region, Turkey must continue to support Syrians, who have become refugees in the recent Idlib attacks, and provide conditions in which they can live humanely.



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