3. Edip Gümüş issues a message about "17th January"
Edip Gümüş issues a message about "17th January"

Edip Gümüş issues a message about "17th January"

Head of Turkiye's Hizbullah, Edip Gümüş Thursday has issued a message about the 20th anniversary of martyrdom of Hüseyin Velioğlu, the founding guide of Jemaah.


Head of Turkiye's Hizbullah Edip Gümüş Thursday has issued a message on the 20th anniversary of martyrdom of Hüseyin Velioğlu, the founding guide of Jemaah.

Head of Hizbullah in Turkiye issued a message on the 20th-anniversary martyrdom of Hüseyin Velioğlu, the founding guide of Jemaah who was martyred during the raid on the house he was living in Istanbul on January 17, 2000, and the 40th anniversary of Hizbullah.

The message is as follows:

"In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Benevolent"

May God's peace, mercy and blessing be upon you!

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, who has created the human begins from nothing and made him aware of him, keeps him alive and will return him back to himself after his death. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammed, who is mercy for all worlds and the best example for the humanity.

We commemorate gratefully Hüseyin Velioglu, the founding leader and precious guide of the Hizbollah community, who was martyred by Kemalist regime forces in Beykoz, Istanbul on January 17, 2000. I ask my Lord to bring us together in heaven under the banner of our Prophet.

We congratulate the martyrdom of our guide who pointed out the hundred-year plans that the imperialists want to accomplish in the Islamic geography and said that if we, as Muslims, do not unite, we will be oppressed most. Moreover, we declare once again that we will continue to embrace the Blessed legacy he has left.

When we consider the plight of the Islamic world in these days that the our guide foresaw 40 years ago and the work he did until he was martyred by day and night to take precautions against it all together, we have a better understanding of how he acted with great wisdom and foresight and what a priceless legacy he left us.

 O my young brothers!

You should not forget that it is Allah who gives life and death. The sovereignty belongs to Him. Indeed, to God we belong and to God we shall return. One day we will leave this world, which is a trial for us, and we will give account of what we have done to Him on the day of Judgement. We should do our best in order to succeed in our trial by doing deeds that will please our Lord. What should be done in order to succeed in our trial is to do deeds that will please our Lord.

Our Lord has set a schedule for our lives in a one-day, 24-hour period. Therefore, all our lives must be arranged within a certain program. As you know, our responsibility and burden are heavy but our time is limited. Therefore, you must live your entire life systematically in order to make the evil tricks and traps of the tyrants into misguidance and to show the Islamic Ummah the way of salvation.

Our lord says, "So when you have finished (with your immediate task), still strive hard, (then toil), and to your Lord turn (all) your attention."(Surah Inshirah, 7-8). Accordingly, you must be useful to Islam and Muslims by fulfilling your duty to serve Allah in every moment, and you must turn away from every word, writing, Work, Act and effort that has no otherworldly or worldly benefit.

O my young brothers and sisters, who embrace the religion of Allah sincerely!

As an intellectual, scientific, and work. You should pay attention to the advice of Our Prophet. You should keep away the harm decidedly. You should read Qur'an, hadith, and the life of the pious predecessors (that is the generations of our Prophet Muhammed and his companions (the Sahabah), their successors (the Tabi'un), and the successors of the successors (the Taba Tabi'in)). You should the lives and advice of our scholars who have worked for this society with their lives and wealth in our own geography. You should read the history of Our Jamaah (religious community) and the lives of our altruist brothers who struggled for Islam before you. You should make observation on the purpose of creation, contemplate on it, and be an example to next generations.

"O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you" (Anfal Surah, 24)

Islamic sciences are light and life for human beings. Not equal are those who know and those who do not know. If intellectual and scientific maturity is not achieved, there is a great risk of falling into serious mistakes. The first commandment of Islam is "read." Reading is to know Allah first and then to know yourself. Perhaps more important than reading is to live what you read, that is to practice it in your life. Those who do not practice what they read in their lives, even they themselves will not believe what they say. There is a danger for everyone who does not live as he believes and whose knowledge does not turn into deeds and sincerity.

You have to be careful that Muslims and our cause are not harmed by your attitude, your reactions, what you write and what you speak. Don't forget that you are not ordinary people. Even if ordinary people were steeped in harams and sins, perhaps many people care would not care, but even a simple mistake of yours is an excuse to attack your blessed cause.

You should practice in comply of what you have learned so that you can bear the burden of this blessed cause on a straight path. In your thoughts, attitudes and reactions, you should avoid extremeness and understatement. You should take our Prophet (PBUH) as an example in every ground and place. You should try to have moral to align with his moral values and live by his Sunnah so that people can see the beauty of Islam in your life. You should remember that by your words and actions you represent not only yourself, but also this great cause.

"Those who attack you with their pens, their tongues, and their hands should not curb your enthusiasm"

You never lose your perseverance, zeal and excitement in the Islamic struggle and keep your zeal and perseverance fresh and alive like the first day. There should never be any break in your desire to lead people to guidance; on the contrary, you should increase your desire every day. Those who attack you with their pens, their tongues, and their hands should not curb your enthusiasm, but strive hard to find guidance for them; on the contrary, you must make every effort to lead people to guidance.

You should not forget the damaging aspect when taking advantage of social media.  You should know that the enemies of Islam are watching you, recording you and looking for an excuse to attack. A false share of you personally damages your friends and your Islamic cause.

In order to avoid heedlessness and to achieve stability in Islamic service, you must be in constant contact with our Lord. You must never be heedless of him, and you must see as a virtue to repent of your mistakes and sins, and to return from wrong. Allah always sees us all. His consent, love and pleasure should be your main purpose and the main axis of your affairs. My young brothers should prepare themselves to bear the burden of the cause. They should arrange their time and energy and take advantage of the experience and experience of their pioneers and make an effort to take the Islamic struggle to a far more advanced point.

O my precious friends whom we have walked with for 30 to 40 years together in the road of Islamic cause!

You have brought this Islamic community to this day with the sacrifices you have made from your property and lives, enduring torture, prison, emigration in the way of the Islamic cause. The sacrifices of our mothers and sisters, who never stop to entertain dozens of guests and endure their hardships, and who support their wives, brothers and children during the most difficult days of the trial, are admirable. It is of course very valuable that all members of the Islamic cause, both men and women, cling to the cause steadfastly in the face of embargoes, immigration, detention, torture, prisons, attacks and martyrdom. However, after all this trouble, when you are in a peaceful environment, it's just as important to continue to serve without having to back off the Islamic cause. I ask my Lord that all my brothers and sisters be rewarded with the greatest reward, that all their sins be forgiven, and that they have the honor of being with our Prophet in the Pool of the Kawthar.

O my brothers and my friends!

When we set out for this cause, we did not look for any earthly goods or authority. Moreover, we were young men in this road to please our Lord. We have come to these days by sacrificing our world possessions, our assets and even our loved ones and going through many plights. As we do not regret any worldly loss, we are happy to know that what we give in the way of Allah is a gain. Indeed, the believers will be rewarded with much of it. However, our trial will continue until our death. It is necessary to be vigilant against the adornment of the world, the desires of the soul and the delusions of the devil. We must not fall into oblivion, considering the fact that what we have as worldly belongs to Allah, and we must not stand back from spending for him.

"Whoever desires the reward of this world - then with Allah is the reward of this world and the Hereafter. And ever is Allah Hearing and Seeing". (Nisa Surah, 134)

"Some Muslims desire the commodities of this world, but Allah desires [for you] the Hereafter. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise". (Anfal Surah, 67).

Brothers! We must not stop from mobilizing in the way of Islam and doing deeds and activities that will please our Lord.  Not everyone could has the honor to serve his religion. No matter how much we are grateful for this, we are not properly grateful.

Under these circumstances, our brothers have a special duty. Each of our brothers is primarily responsible for protecting the children and their family from the fire of the hell. Every brother should set an example for his children as well as his kindred children to become righteous sons.

A father who serve as a bad model for his children has nothing to tell his children or anyone else. You should be an example for them with your speeches, but also with your deeds.

O my sisters and brothers!

Each of you should have a home that serve as a school of Islam. If there are TV channels  on which non-Islamic movies are unspooled and the parents who waste all their time with smart phones in a house, it is difficult for children growing up in that house to obtain Islamic morality. If the Qur'an and Hadith are recited in a house, prayers are performed with the community, including children, Islamic lessons are held, Islamic and useful publications are followed, it means that there is a right and beneficial environment for children in this house.

The enemies of Islam attack the family with a devilish and insidious plan; they try to destroy family decency, order and Environment, and destroy the Muslim community morally. They offer our people virtual lives away from the realities of life in a virtual world. In particular, they bring down families by plunging young people into a depression emanating from dissatisfaction, disregard for family and other pursuits.

Those who are in a position of responsibility and have authority in the country should mobilize against this shameless influx imposed on our people. The elders of the family should not underestimated this issue; they should instigate a great deal of civil resistance and initiative. Our brothers and sisters should do everything they can about this. First, they should take steps to strengthen the family bonds of their own young people. Unfortunately, political power and its extensions in Turkey have been instrumental in this project, which the mischief-maker and apostate organization has been trying to implement in society for a long time, and which tries to remove our women from their chastity and decency with fancy words and concepts. If this is not a conscious betrayal, it is a great crime. It is the duty of all Muslims to oppose it. Our brothers and sisters should not neglect their family for any reason and they should give as much importance to the Islamic education of their children as they give to their school, making efforts to develop the knowledge, and skills of their children to fulfill their service to Allah. Everyone should be programmatic about this and strive to be useful to their family and children. Those who neglect what they have to do on their family will soon be unable to carry out their other jobs due to family problems. My lord let bring forth from our Generations the Righteous, the Honorable, the inviter of Islam, the pious! May Allah keep them from the evil of the Devils, and the jinn! May Allah grant them the days when people lived as brothers in this land under the banner of Islam!

My Dear Sisters!

You should not forget that you are bring up the next generation of boys and girls who will lead the society. You also raise the Saladin who will save Jerusalem. However, you are well aware that the evil forces, which work to degenerate the society, target women, her chastity and her family. You should act very carefully and consciously while bring up your daughters, you should ensure that they get the habit of worship and hijab from a young age, and you should not neglect their education in this subject. You must protect your family privacy in any case, and you must not allow an un-Islamic environment within your family. If each of you is an inviter of Islam who reminds your environment of Allah, competes in goodness, and be an example in your behavior, deeds, discourse and clothing, I hope that the salvation of our people will be realized in your hands. You should not fail to show kindness and respect to your own relatives, especially to your spouse's relatives and elders –even if you have seen distress from them. You should strongly avoid behaviors that may distract people, especially those close to you, from our cause. As well as your hijab, you should also set an example with your morality, decency and respect and you should make sacrifices for the salvation of our people's hereafter.

I will say to my brothers, who have in the past served this cause but have stood back for any reason, whether rightly or unjustly, that no excuse should stop you from serving the religion of Allah. I know that our brothers and sisters, who have now stepped aside, have not stopped making sacrifices with everything in difficult and critical times. However, our families are being destroyed, our children are being taken away from us and stealthy operations are being carried out in our geography. Every passing day goes against us. If we do not try to block blasphemy, our people will fall to pray to the devil and his soldiers and that will put us under great responsibility. For this reason, you should open a new page for yourself by thinking about the future of your children and your hereafter so that you may have a share of service of Islam and in order not to waste your deeds.

If these are not confronted today, tomorrow will be too late

The fact that the religious and conservative factions hold racist views, which are the teachings of Kemalism, has made Kemalists more daring. At the same time, the fact that the Conservatives have begun blessing racism in the country led the Kemalists, who see their idol as the saviour and a symbol of the racism, make polytheism a current issue in an organized way. The pagan bigotry that the Kemalist minority has wanted to display over our children for a century under the hostility to Islam is so widespread now; it is very shameful for the religious people of the country.

 To sacrifice the hopes and the prices paid by our Muslim people in the last century for the sake of one person's lust for power as well as the surrender of the country to the Kemalist minority at the current stage are unacceptable. Our Muslim people and all Islamic sections should foresee how this mentality, which attacks our sisters with hijab walking in the bazaar even though they are not in power today, tries to teach idolatry by making our children prostrate before idols, will approach the Muslims in the days when they come to power.

If these are not confronted today, tomorrow will be too late, and bigger price will have to be paid. All scholars, Muslim intellectuals, congregations, sects and Islamic non-governmental organizations in the country have great duties in this regard. Today is the time to tell the right and correct the wrong. Everyone is obliged to carry out his responsibility. My Lord is witness that we remind them. We will keep reminding them.

The human and Islamic rights of the Muslim Kurdish People should be restored

We have long stated that by restoring the human and Islamic rights of the Muslim Kurdish People, the traumas caused by racist policies in our people should be treated and the gaps that are instrumental for the imperialists in intervening the region should be closed. We will continue to warn our Muslim people and Islamic groups about this issue. It is important to note that the prevailing racist, marginalizing and hurtful language has not been corrected, nor has a statement of intent been put forward in the manner requested in this regard.

If the Islamic factions want to frustrate the imperialists ' plans, they must collectively make an intensive effort to grant the Islamic and humanitarian rights of the Kurds. Concrete steps should be taken on this issue, rather than theoretical statements. Otherwise, we will all drift together towards a situation far worse than the warnings we have made before. Everyone who will cause great harm to our Muslim peoples, provoke hostilities, and cause our geography to drift towards greater anarchy will have a share in the crimes to be committed. No one who set the Islamic geography on fire for his race and national interests can account for this in the sight of Allah.

As the Hezbollah community, we declare again that we are ready for every price to be paid for the liberation of Jerusalem

The security of Islamic geography depends on the security of Jerusalem. In this context, as we have already stated, our call to the rulers of Islamic countries and all Islamic structures is to give up the vicious conflicts and debates between them and mobilize all means to remove the Zionists who are enemies of Islam from this land. As the Hezbollah community, we declare again that we are ready for every price to be paid for the liberation of Jerusalem.

Finally, I humbly recommend to all my brothers, men and women, young and old, even if they can't actually do anything, to support all oppressed Muslim with their prayers regardless of their religion or nation and also to imprecate curses on all those who shed the blood of Muslims wherever they are in the world as well as those who do injustice and cruelty and the imperialist infidels who occupy our lands.

We should not be heedless of the plots of unbelievers and hypocrites; on the contrary, we should be vigilance and watchful

We have some brothers who act sensually, personally and emotionally, who harm our cause and work unknowingly with their words, manners, writing and sharing, and cause polemics among Muslims. These brothers should be warned in appropriate conditions, and those who maintain this attitude despite warnings should see and know that we do not take them seriously.

We should pray constantly to our Lord that He should not leave us alone with our souls, our abilities so that Islam, Muslims, our cause and our brothers would not be harmed by our attitudes and reactions, by what we write, by what we speak, in any place, at any time and in any matter.

May God be with you!


                                                                                                              Your brother, Edip Gümüş


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