3. Families: We lost our child in the HDP building
Families: We lost our child in the HDP building

Families: We lost our child in the HDP building

Families, those staged a sit-in protest in front of the HDP building after their children were abducted to the mountains, saying they have lost their children in the HDP building.


Two mothers, Fevziye Çetinkaya and Remziye Akkoyun staged a sit-in protest in front of HDP Diyarbakır provincial building on early Tuesday saying their children were kidnapped by HDP members to be recruited by PKK in mountains.

After mother Fevziye Çetinkaya, another mother Remziye Akkoyun also joined the sit-in protest for her son Azat Akkoyun, who was kidnapped by the PKK 4 years ago.

Süleyman Çetinkaya, who is said to be a member of the HDP provincial youth branch, has been kidnapped by the HDP since Friday while his painful family has staged a sit-in protest in front of the provincial building on early Tuesday.

Mother Remziye Akkoyun, who heard the sit-in protest of mother Hacire, has joined to the sit-in protest for the support to Çetinkaya family.

Father Şabat Çetinkaya expressed that his son was kidnapped by the HDP to the mountains. "HDP kidnapped my son to the mountains. My son Süleyman was only 18, he just graduated from high school, he was a member of the HDP youth branch and was coming to this building every day."

Saying that his son was attending HDP meetings, and commuting everywhere, father Şabat Çetinkaya expressed that the HDP has brainwashed his son and kidnapped him to the mountains.

Father noted that his other son was offered before by the HDP to be recruited to the PKK. "They had offered Müslüm, my other son, to go to the mountains before they kidnap Süleyman, but Müslüm refused their offer."

"We're sure we have lost our son in this building. It can't be anywhere else. We'll wait here as parents until our child sends back. We can wait here as much as it needs if necessary. I, my wife, my daughter and one of my son are here. My two other sons are out of town, and they'll be joining us as soon as possible," he said.

Joining to the sit-in protest to support Çetinkaya family, another mother Remziye Akkoyun, whose son also kidnapped by the PKK four years ago, said she was affected by the struggle of mother Hire.

My son, Azat, was lost. I don’t know where he went. Last year, he phoned his father, said he is in Iraq and asked 5,000 Turkish Liras from his father.

He was going to surrender. Then they said that my son, Azat, had been captured at the border and that his father had to go to the Iraqi division and take him in," said mother Remziye Akkoyun.

Mother Remziye Akkoyun noted that her son has regretted joining the organization and that he was fooled by the organization.

Mother Akkoyun expressed the phone conversation between her son and her husband as follows:

"Dad, go file a complaint, I was just a kid [when kidnapped]. My friends tricked me into saying 'we were going to work' and they took me across the border."

So I told my husband we should go to the police station. But as much as I insisted, my husband didn't come. He said he was afraid of the HDP and the state.

My son was calling us, but he couldn't talk, he was hanging up. Actually, my son wants to escape, but he doesn't get a chance to escape. He tried to escape once, but they complained and caught him."

The HDP knows where my son is, I want my son. This morning I said to my husband, 'let's go to the party together and ask for our son.' He didn't come again.

I came to the party today and asked for my son. I said I will break their windows if they do not give my son back."



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