Hizbullah leader Gümüş conveys condolence message for Yavuz

Hizbullah leader Gümüş conveys condolence message for Yavuz

Edip Gümüş, the guide leader of Hizbullah community in Turkey, conveyed a condolence message over the demise of teacher Mehmet Yavuz.

At the beginning of his message, Gümüş read ayahs from the Holy Qur'an: "Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return."

"And their Lord responded to them, "Never will I allow to be lost the work of [any] worker among you, whether male or female; you are of one another. So those who emigrated or were evicted from their homes or were harmed in My cause or fought or were killed - I will surely remove from them their misdeeds, and I will surely admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow as reward from Allah, and Allah has with Him the best reward."

Calling Yavuz as his "dear, nimble, observer, plodder brother! Gümüş said: "My Lord has given you until now for us. We have benefited so much of you."

"The disease, began in the 2000s in the cold corridors of the tyrants' system, through the process of detention and dungeon where you were subjected to the torture of cruels, has could come to until now. Therefore, I hope you have achieved the order of martyrdom you longed for," Gümüş said.

"May my Lord turn your grave into one of the paradise gardens, and welcomes you in paradise gardens."

"The brothers and students of teacher Mehmet Yavuz, do not deprive him of your prayers," Gümüş asked.

Hizbullah leader underscored that teach Yavuz loved all of brothers and sisters, "Your problem was his problem, he devoted everything to his cause, and delivered his soul to his Lord on this path."

At the end of his message, Edip Gümüş underlined that they are witness, adding: "My heart goes, especially with his family and all brothers. May my Lord give patience."



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