3. HUDA PAR announces proposals for wide bargaining talks
HUDA PAR announces proposals for wide bargaining talks

HUDA PAR announces proposals for wide bargaining talks

HUDA PAR Social Affairs Presidency announced its proposals for the 5th term wide bargaining talks, concerning a total of 5 million public servants started on 1 August.


Issuing important evaluations regarding the 5th term wide bargaining talks, HUDA PAR Social Affairs presidency stressed that the talks would significantly affect both public officials and the economic balance of society.

HUDA PAR's proposals highlight important topics such as "interview persecution, EYT victims, easing the tax burden, family assistance, BES application, the possibility of obtaining annual leave and interest-free home loans among civil servants and workers".

Noting that the most important reclamation that can be made could be an easing of the tax burden on employees, HUDA PAR underlined that the government should stop seeing public employees as a revenue channel.

The economic balance of both public servants and society will be significantly affected by the agreement to be reached during the 5th term wide bargaining negotiations concerning millions of civil servants and civil servants pensioners.

"As HUDA PAR, we share our proposals for working life and the issues to be discussed in these talks with government officials, trade union representatives and the public," the statement read.

"The government should stop seeing public employees as a revenue channel"

In its statement, HUDA PAR suggested that the rates for public employees to be set for the next two years must be determined to be above real inflation.

Asking the government to set a 5 percent hike as a welfare increase for each year and to be effective since January 2020, HUDA PAR underlined that the most important reclamation that can be done is an easing of the tax burden on employees.

Suggesting the government to stop seeing public employees as a revenue channel, HUDA PAR said fixing the tax in the 10-15 percent range in the "Income Tax" application will relieve the employees financially for this purpose.

"If this is not done, the increase in the rise in the second six months will not be reflected in the employees and will not be a contribution," HUDA PAR warned.

"We care about family assistance to public employees whose spouses are not working," HUDA PAR said and noted that the family assistance for the spouse should be increased to at least half of the cost equivalent to a family's monthly kitchen expense. "Family assistance for the child should be made in items that will vary according to the child's education and periodical needs."

"Likewise, at the point of ensuring justice, retired staff should also benefit from family assistance."

"Minimum wage earners must be tax-free to raise welfare"

The following proposals were suggested in the evaluation of the proposals:

"It is essential to secure the legal freedom of clothing in public in accordance with the general morality. In case of non-compliance with the general code of ethics, it will not be possible to prevent abuses and arbitrary practices of the administrators.

The hiring of KIT personnel is a requirement of social and economic justice and has become a social demand. In many sectors, it is incompatible with fairness to hire employees of similar status and to exempt KIT personnel from this.

It is a reality that people working on the minimum wage are living their lives in very difficult conditions. Minimum wage earners must be tax-free to raise welfare level.

The basic duties of the state should be to ensure that the minimum wage workers and their families meet living standards that are appropriate for the dignity of the people in the present day when the inflation rate rises to an exorbitant level.

The mandatory implementation of BES, a controversial imposition with many dimensions, must be abandoned. Leaving the transition to the system to the preference of the employees is more plausible at the point of both applicability and sustainability."

"We see it as a great injustice for EYT people to wait years for the limit of age"

"Current regulations on retirement age are incompatible with the reality of society," HUDA PAR said, further warned that the number of victims increases with each passing day.

"In terms of Turkish society, 65 is very late retirement age. We see it as a great injustice for people to wait years of age even though they have completed their service period to be retired. There is no point in people experiencing the benefits of retirement after reaching to their deathbed.

Therefore, the retirement age should be rearranged to allow women to retire if they request after serving 20 years and male employees after completing 25 years of service."

"Pension deduction should be calculated by including all items, not just on a simple salary"

"It is essential that the personnel in the public service meet in common status by eliminating different titles and statuses such as contracted teacher, contracted staff, surrogate midwife, contracted nurse, contracted imam and master tutorials.

The inflation gap paid to employees will be healthier when the current economic conditions are assessed, not after six-month periods, but from the month when CPI rises above the proportional increases in salaries.

All items that make up the salary of public personnel (such as additional payment, revolving funds, additional tuition, overtime, bonuses) must be included in the pension deduction. Because the current practice results in a great loss of rights for the employees. Pension deduction should be calculated by including all items, not just on a simple salary."

"Family is the shelter and foundation of society," the assessment said, "in this sense, ensuring family integrity is very important in terms of capturing healthy community criteria.

The provision of family unity of the employees, the healthy growth of the children, the elimination of grievances due to the situation of the spouse and the protection of the family institution will be a great support.

Such an arrangement would have a positive impact on family peace, ending the problems posed by the distance between spouses working in separate cities.



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