3. HUDA PAR Erbil Representation and revealing dirty faces
HUDA PAR Erbil Representation and revealing dirty faces

HUDA PAR Erbil Representation and revealing dirty faces

HUDA PAR Erbil's representative office, the first HUDA PAR's representative abroad, served as a litmus paper revealing the dirty face of the so-called "Kürdi" formations.


The greatest fear of the superstitious formations that are diametrically opposed to the religious, moral, historical and traditional values of the societies in which they emerge is the emergence of different political formations that prioritize the indispensable values of the society, which speak in this field and emphasize the values in which the society is sensitive.

The persecution and oppression against Kurds in the historical process has left deep wounds in the memory of the Kurdish people. This situation also brought about a natural orientation and sympathy against the occurrences that emerged with the claim of defending the Kurdish people. This orientation and sympathy always have the potential to carry along with social weakness.

In this sense, the policies, oppression, denial and annihilation policies of the political authorities, which have been set up to assimilate the Kurdish people in different ways, have formed many boomerang points both for their authorities and for the Kurdish people.

Kurds were used as a stick to align the current political authorities

The Kurdish people who have been seen as a problem by the dominant political authorities have created gaps in regional and international politics that they could fill for hegemonic powers, and the Kurds have been used as a stick to align the existing political authorities.

The hegemonic forces, which have been engaged with the claim of protecting and defending the Kurds against the dominant order, turned to the position of wasting the Kurds after subjecting them to their regional policies.

This binary boomerang has lasted for many years and is still continuing.

To get rid of such boomerangs depends on the will of the solution that the mind can easily accept. However, nationalism-related arrogance is obstructing the path of reason and the pain continues to be experienced again and again.

Although there have been positive developments regarding the Kurds living in different parts, the problems that directly affect the Kurds still remain.

The problems occur because of the dominant authorities, the traditional motives, prevent the Kurds from reaching the level of satisfaction. Another reason is that some movements, which emerged with justified demands in the first place to solve the problems of the Kurds, turned away from the wishes and desires of the Kurds after a certain period of time and turned into a club of different foci.

These kinds of movements have become the new hunches that appear on the backs of the Kurds instead of solving the current problems even if they have developed and flourished with the possibilities of the Kurds.

HUDA PAR, which its center of gravity is the Kurds and the Kurdish geography

In this sense, HUDA PAR, which was founded in political life, did not limit itself to the Kurds, but the fact that the center of gravity was Kurdish and Kurdish geography has made it inevitable to turn the eyes into HUDA PAR in the face of the current problem.

Although the party declared itself to be a representative of the line with Islamic references, the geography and sociological environment that it conveyed moved HUDA PAR to a more sensitive position to the current Kurdish issue.

Moreover, the party program and the statements of the party officials reveal that HUDA PAR is based on the Islamic line and the solution of the Kurdish issue within the framework of Islamic understanding, as well as in the solution of other problems.

The indigestion of "Kurdi" formation in HUDA PAR

It is interesting that HUDA PAR line is mostly reacted by the Kurdish-origin structures that have emerged with the claim of defending the rights of Kurds and have gradually become a stick of different focus.

It is the so-called "Kurdi" structures that grow fat on the Kurdish heritage to slander HUDA PAR and the Islamic line he represents, to try removing the Kurds from the Islamic line as much as possible, to resort lies and slanders that even the Kurdish enemies cannot think of, to rely on the false propaganda mechanism of Goebbels.

At this point, the following question is important:

Is the goal to solve the problems of the Kurds, or to transform the Kurdish people into the stick of different forms of hegemonic powers through different superstitious ideologies?

If the real purpose was to eliminate the deprivation of the rights that the Kurds were exposed to, then should not the common denominator for these people be merely the case of Kurdish phenomenon?

However, it is important that the Kurdish people get rid of the pressure and attain a standard of living on equal terms with their brothers and sisters. However, how else can some structures explain all the hatred and adoration they have against HUDA PAR even though those structures defend zionism?

The Kurdish people have been exposed to false propaganda of liberation by Western ideologies and false ideologies for years as a recipe for salvation by those who have come into contact with hegemonic forces.

The space provided by the field allowed them to make some progress on this subject.

However, the fact that the messages that coincided with the human, Islamic and historical traditions of the Kurds became the most serious source of fear for such groups.

Of course, time will show how much space can be filled by HUDA PAR, which is in a new position in this area. However, it is easily realized that HUDA Par has become a serious center of concern for focuses as they carry the mission of inviting the Kurds to salvation with Western nannies and run the Kurds into a stone wall.

As a matter of fact, the last example of this emerged once again with the strange reactions put forward as a pretext against the opening of HUDA PAR representative office in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Regional Government.

HUDA PAR, which they could not bury in Northern Kurdistan, came to South Kurdistan this time, and the message of the intertwined with the Islamic line reached the Kurds in the South.

The reaction against the office of HUDA PAR opened in Erbil shown by some circles to rejoice in the name of "Kurdishness/Kurdism" was more than the reaction of people who had a dagger in their heart.

However, Southern Kurdistan is the only place in which the Kurds have attained legal status and a Kurdish authority is dominant as a local authority.

Among other structures, the KDP and Masoud Barzani make their best efforts in the national and international arena in terms of the future of the Kurds.

Instead of sacrificing Kurds to narrow ideological patterns like some structures, they [KDP and Barzani] carry out policies that prioritize the interest of Kurds.

While the regional Kurdish government responded positively to the demand of HUDA PAR to open a representative office, some of the focal points that identified themselves with Barzani came to the fore with interesting delusions as if they were shot.

However, the opening of the representation, the meeting with Masoud Barzani at the level of the President and the opening of the close interest of local politics, NGO and media organizations showed to the HUDA PAR's office, left those who considered their selves as the top of Barzani, on the offside.

The only thing many of them who see themselves as "Barzani's representative" in the North is role theft. They are the strange objects of attempts to infiltrate the agenda by saying "we are siding Barzani" in order to be accepted in society.

Because the excessive reaction over the opening of the representative office does not contain any trace of the positive attitudes of the regional Kurdish administration.



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