HÜDA PAR: The Zionist occupation regime aims to provoke Iran with its sabotages

HÜDA PAR: The Zionist occupation regime aims to provoke Iran with its sabotages

In his weekly statement on external agenda, HÜDA PAR Chairman İshak Sağlam has addressed the issues such as the sabotages of the Zionist regime against Iran’s facilities and the establishment of internal peace in Afghanistan.

Evaluating the sabotage of the Zionist regime against Iran, Sağlam said: “After the assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Muhsin Fahrizade, the Zionist occupation regime carried out a sabotage action against a nuclear facility in Iran. The occupation regime, which has never dropped the issue of carrying out an international attack on Iran from its agenda, aims to provoke Iran with these sabotages. The Zionist occupation regime, which is located in the middle of the Islamic world like a bomb with a pin pulled, aims to turn the region into a bloodbath with its harassment against Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. Despite this, no state speaks to these acts of sabotage, on the contrary, countries in the region are in a race of  'normalization' with the occupation regime. The betrayal of normalization should be abandoned as soon as possible with the Zionist occupation regime, which has once again proved to be the biggest obstacle to stability in the region. The biggest threat to peace, tranquility, and security today is the occupation regime. The Islamic world should immediately move away from the aims and agenda of the Zionist occupation regime and the imperialists and ensure its internal peace, and these sabotages of the occupation regime, which are the provocations of war, should be punished.”

"Internal peace should be established as soon as possible in Afghanistan"

Noting that Afghan people have been deeply affected by two consecutive invasions and civil wars, Sağlam said: “The occupation of the Soviet Union, which lasted for 9 years in 1979, the civil war that started with the withdrawal of the Soviets, and the invasion of Afghanistan under the name of the Crusade after the events of September 11, 2001, caused blood, tears, and destruction in the country for 42 years. Tens of thousands of civilians were slaughtered by brutally shooting bazaars, madrasas, mosques, schools and wedding convoys with air bombardments, trampling on international law and all moral values.”

“The end of chaos and conflict in Afghanistan is important for both the Afghan people and all Islamic World”

Reminding that on February 29, 2020, the occupying USA agreed with the Taliban to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan at the end of April 2021, Sağlam said: “However, this withdrawal did not occur during the elapsed time. The new administration of the USA continues its distraction tactic by declaring that this withdrawal will not take place in time. The end of chaos and conflict in Afghanistan is important for both the Afghan people and the ummah geography. The occupying countries should immediately withdraw from Afghanistan with all their military assets. Establishing safety and trust in the country should be the primary goal of all segments, and the way of negotiation and dialogue should be preferred to solve the problems. For this purpose; The conference planned to be held in Istanbul at the end of April and to be attended by the parties should be seen as an opportunity; Efforts should be made to end the occupation as soon as possible and to establish an independent and fair administration that includes all segments.”

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