3. If we love Allah, we must follow the path of Prophet
If we love Allah, we must follow the path of Prophet

If we love Allah, we must follow the path of Prophet

Muhammed Beşir Varol, who spoke at the event of "Understanding Prophet and Living His Sunnah," held by Prophet Lovers Foundation in Van, said, "If we love Allah, we must follow the path of Prophet."


"Understanding Prophet and Living His Sunnah" event was held by the Prophet Lovers Foundation of Van province coordinator with the theme of "Prophet Muhammad, the Guide to of Morals and Justice," at Kale rally area.

Ittahadul Ulema [Union of Scholar] member Mullah Muhammed Beşir Varol, who delivered a speech in Kurdish at the event attended by tens of thousands of Prophet lovers in Van, stated that the interest of the Ummah could be embraced by the Sunnah by following the path of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam).

Stressing that there is no need for guidance after the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), Varol said the [Ummah] should be back on the path of Prophet Muhammad.

Touching upon the importance of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, Mullah Beşir Varol said: "Today is a precious day. Today is the arrival of our Prophet. He is the guide of humanity. Allah has sent this Prophet to us as guidance. Anyone can call himself a guide. But the important thing is that Allah announces Him as a guide."

Noting that Allah declared Prophet Muhammad as the guide to all humanity, Mullah Beşir Varol underlined that prophets before Muhammad were also guiding people and chose by Allah but they were guiding only their own people.

"Allah has sent our Prophet as a mercy to all mankind. Man, jinn, angel, all the universe must believe in the Prophet. Allah desires that those who seek mercy, seek justice, seek freedom, and want to get rid of captivity to believe in Prophet Muhammad and follow His path."

"We will lose the exam if we do not go behind the Prophet"

Saying that Allah has divided life into two phases, Varol said:

"I will tell you a few truths, and let us not forget these truths: One of these truths that Allah has created us while we did not exist. And we will die one day like how we were created."

Allah has divided life into two phases: The first phase is the exam. The second phase is the award and punishment. The first phase that we are in now in this world is the first phase."

"The owner of the universe has sent us to this world. He tests us in many aspects. Allah has sent us a religion. He sent us Islam as the last religion. He tests us with this. We will win the exam if we follow the religion of Allah. We will be awarded the eternity heavens."

"We will lose the test if we do not follow the religion of Allah and if we do not follow the path of Prophet. We go to hell by the chastisement of Allah. The Qur'an declares this, this is not a story, and the Qur'an is the word of Allah, a miracle."

"For a thousand 400 years, if all philosophers, scholars, and scientists have come together, they will not be able to make such book. This is proof that the Qur'an is the word of Allah."

"Allah created us for worship. If we continue our lives in accordance with Allah's law, and sharia, we will win the test. And if we do that, the oppressors will not be able to dominate on us."

"We cannot obtain the way of salvation if we do not read the life of the Prophet"

Drawing attention to the main reason for the bad situation in the Ummah today, Varol said it stems from the fact people have stayed away from the law of Allah.

"Tyrannical, dictator, infidel and traitors have put so much strife in us today. The cause of cruelty among us today, it is because we do not act according to the law of Allah. If we follow the path of Allah, this world will be like heaven."

"Allah has informed us of our commandments and prohibitions through the Prophet. The Prophet is the one who speaks to us on behalf of Allah. That is why we have to learn the judgment of Allah from the Prophet Muhammad. We must read Qur'an, sent to us through the Prophet."

"The way of justice and right is the Qur'an. We must read Qur'an; we must read the life of the Prophet. We cannot obtain the way of salvation if we do not read the life of the Prophet. We will save our world and hereafter if we do those."

If we love Allah, we must follow the path of the Prophet. If we do not follow the path of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, if we follow the path of oppressors and enemies of Islam, we will not achieve our goal in this world and in the hereafter."



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