3. Istanbul blessed with Islam and with the Prophet Muhammad
Istanbul blessed with Islam and with the Prophet Muhammad

Istanbul blessed with Islam and with the Prophet Muhammad

Speaking at the event of "Understanding Prophet Muhammad and living His sunnah" held in Istanbul on Sunday, researcher-writer Mehmet Göktaş emphasized that Istanbul blessed with Islam and with the Prophet Muhammad.


Thousands of Istanbulites who participated in the "Understanding Prophet Muhammad and living His sunnah" event held on Sunday in Yenikapı rally area in Istanbul, expressed their love and longing for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

Göktaş stated that Istanbul is a city that extends its helpful hand to oppressed people. "First, it should be known by everyone that thinking about Istanbul apart from Islam is impossible. Since the day it was conquered, Istanbul has never lost its mission and has recently increased its relations with Islam."

"It has already become more prominent in the most critical period of the Islamic world, as it has never actually lost its ability to become the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Where the highest sound against persecution on Earth today if not Istanbul."

"Is it not Istanbul the first place comes to mind of the oppressed all over the world, where they first turned their eyes to take refugee?" Göktaş asked.

"Istanbul is a blessed city with its Prophet lovers Muslims"

Pointing out that Istanbul blessed with Islam, Göktaş noted that Istanbul not only blessed with its historic structures, domes, minarets, and columns, but it does bless with its Prophet lovers Muslims.

"Istanbul is the most concentrated center of Islamic Scholars, where Islamic sciences are collected from the lowest level to the highest level. Istanbul is a city where the love for the Prophet Muhammad opens to Europe."

"Justice comes to mind when mentioning about the leader in Islam"

Göktaş emphasized that God sent the Prophets to the earth for justice. "Allah sent our Prophet to that position wherever justice needed to be established, and when He left this world He showed us how to be fair in commerce, war, and government."

Saying that justice comes to mind when talking about being a leader in Islam, Göktaş underlined that the Prophet was fair and also the duty of His companions to establish justice.

"Because the greatest sin that anger Allah is an injustice. Muslims are obliged to establish justice on the Earth."

"Muslims expect fair leaders"

Noting that Muslims should never leave justice, Göktaş said that the Islamic geography has turned to blood and tears with the hands of imperialists.

"In this world, humanity has been so disheartened that billions of people are groaning under the tyranny of the imperialists. Muslims are expecting fair leaders."

"The world is watching Muslims now. I speak from here; no one has the right to denounce Islam. For this reason, we will begin to implement justice to our wives and children."

"It is also the duty of Muslims to protect the places of worship of Jews and Christians"

Saying that Muslims should be safe ports of all humankind, Göktaş also touched upon the attack in Sri Lanka.

"We strongly condemn the attacks in Sri Lanka. It is also the duty of Muslims to protect the places of worship of jew and Christians. This is what the order of our beloved Prophet to his commanders. We are the Ummah of such Prophet."



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