3. Martyrs of Susa commemoratedin the 26th anniversary
Martyrs of Susa commemoratedin the 26th anniversary

Martyrs of Susa commemoratedin the 26th anniversary

Ten Muslims who slaughtered by the PKK in the village of Susa 26 years ago is once more commemorated on the anniversary of their martyrdom.


The "Susa Mosque Massacre" is one of the most brutal massacres committed by the PKK in the Kurdistan geography.

The PKK fire in the village mosque executed Muslims who were worshiping in the mosque of Susa (Yolaç) village of Silvan district of Diyarbakır after the night prayer on June 26, 1992, while 10 Muslims were lost their lives in the massacre and 5 others were wounded.

The pain of this brutal event, which carried out by a group of the PKK who raided the village by wearing soldier clothes, is still fresh, despite passing 26 years.

The massacre of Susa appeared in Kurdistan territory as a process of hostility towards Islam, intolerance to the sanctity of Islam, arrogance towards Islamic signs, and hatred and admiration for Muslims attached to their religion.

Susa is a ninety-house village near Silvan (Farqîn) district of Diyarbakır. Susa village, which is 80 km away from Diyarbakır and 5 km from Silvan, known as with its religious identity.

Friday night June 26, 1992

At a time when ethnic nationalism and irreligious communism were imposed on the Kurdish nation, the Islamic community that existed in the Kurdish region with an Islamic cause tried to bring this divine cause to all the people from the provinces to districts and from towns to villages.

The village of Susa was one of a village that responded positively to this Islamic call and invited people to the Islamic cause with a virtuous education. Qur'an lessons and life of Prophet lessons were started to be taught in Susa village mosque and people once again enjoyed the Nabawi climate.

However, the PKK, the trigger of the dark structures in the region, noticed the spread of Islam in the village. The PKK did not tolerate the existence of another understanding in Susa and did not want to allow any Islamic work to be done without their permission.

As always, the mosque community, some 15 people, was sitting in the mosque after having performed the evening prayer on Friday, June 26, 1992, waiting for the isha prayer. 

When Muslims prayed, they had heard footsteps around the mosque but thought of the footsteps of the animals. They had not noticed the footsteps of murderers.

Yet the event was completely different. The members of the treacherous organization, who were not brave enough to face the Muslims even with their own identities, had camouflaged their troops with the army dresses and took prisoners in the mosque's courtyard by taking them out of the mosque.

The words of soldiers-like PKK elements, which they said, "call me your God who you think will save you," was obvious for an upcoming barbarity.

The weapons that puked atrocity and massacre on Muslims, have martyred 15 Muslims, almohades and oppressed people in the yard of the mosque. The humanity once again witnessed a great barbarity.

Haci Ahmet, his son Muhammed Emin Kantar, four brothers; Zeki, Medeni, Said and Meki Fidancı, mosque imam Abdulhalik Ugaş villagers Muhammed Ali Uslu, Adnan Kantar and Hüseyin Çetinkaya were martyred while 5 others were wounded in the massacre of Susa. (ILKHA)



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