3. Morsi's martyrdom will take its place in history as a coup regime murder
Morsi's martyrdom will take its place in history as a coup regime murder

Morsi's martyrdom will take its place in history as a coup regime murder

HUDA PAR announced in a statement that the martyrdom of Mohamed Morsi, the first and only freely elected president of Egypt, will take place in history as a coup regime murder.


Evaluating the martyrdom of Mohammad Morsi in junta's court on June 17, HUDA PAR stated that Egypt's late President Shaheed Mohammad Morsi is a symbol of the will of the people for all Muslims.

The shahadah of Mohammed Morsi, the shahadah of writer Nour Mohammed Tohti in the concentration of camp in East Turkestan, and tension escalating between Iran and the USA were discussed in the weekly foreign agenda assessment published by HUDA PAR.

The shahadah of Mohammed Morsi

The first and only freely elected president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, was martyred on June 17 during the hearing on charges of espionage.

Although the cause of death by the coup regime is announced as a heart attack, the request to examine the funeral is not taken into account raised the possibility of murder to the agenda.

The shahadah of Mohammad Morsi, which is not allowed to be treated even though he has had health problems and was kept in a solitary cell for 72 months, "will take place in history as a coup regime murder".

It is quite meaningful that there is no significant reaction by Muslim countries apart from Turkey after the martyrdom of the elected president under persecution.

The fact that the common platforms of Islamic countries such as the OIC, the Arab League, the African Union, and the Gulf Cooperation Council play three monkeys against this dictatorship and murder is not acceptable.

This hypocrisy, which means affirmation, indicates that these platforms have lost their legitimacy and have a function against the interests of the Islamic Ummah.

Mohammad Morsi, who has been forcibly held in prison for years by the US-led gangs, has nonetheless been the symbol of the will of the people for both Egypt and all Muslims.

Those who accept the dictatorial regime and its actions in Egypt led to the theft of the revolutions of people in Sudan, Algeria, and Libya in line with the strategy of the US and its gang.

A system in which the will of the people and their gains are destroyed is a threat to all Islamic countries.

A strong regional alliance based on the interests of the Islamic Ummah should be established against imperialist plans without distinction of ideology and sectarian order and the destruction of the will of the people should be prevented from occupation and chaos.

East Turkestan writer was martyred at the concentration camp

Suffered of diseases due to torture and maltreatment, Tohti's funeral was handed over to his family with chained feet.

Although the concentration camps, where approximately 3 million Muslim Uighur Turks are held, are described as educational centers established by China for rehabilitation purposes, the reports of human rights organizations and the statements of Uighur kept in camps refute China.

It has been announced that 350 people have lost their lives so far in these camps; that main aim was announced to be assimilation camps.

The lack of a significant reaction to China, which is regarded as a strong authority in the economic and military field, is clearly evident in violations, injuries conscientious people.

Muslim states should take action in the first place against these practices [of China], which aim to prohibit the freedom of worship, especially targeting young Uighurs to part away completely from the religion of Islam.

It is shameful that Muslims are subjected to discrimination and ill-treatment all over the world, even though they are in an important power in terms of population and state.

The establishment of a powerful Islamic alliance, which should have undertaken the protection of all Muslims in the world in the last century, has become a fundamental necessity.

Iran-US tension

The US blamed Iran for the attacks on the tankers in the Gulf of Oman, while Iran responded by downing a US-owned unmanned aerial drone. The US President Trump's last statements that stopped the attack on Iran right 10 minutes before the attack, has increased tension.

Today we are experiencing a similar era called the tanker war happened in the 1980s, in which oil plants, tankers, and even missiles and passenger planes were attacked.

The Arab lobby, which sees Iran as the biggest threat and arranges various organizations with the participation of the zionist terrorist regime and U.S., has no doubt a significant share in the current tension.

The lobby, led by Saudi Arabia, pursues a more active policy than in the 1980s, sets out U.S. strategies in the region. Sectarian conflicts, ideology, and political interest, the strategies determined on the basis of peace have dragged many countries in the region to a disaster, such as Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Syria, and Yemen. The same target is for Iran to weaken economically and militarily with the embargoes.

The peoples of the region, which are not raised with science, culture, and commerce, but with death and misery, should act now and defend regional unity against the war policies of the rulers.

It should not be accepted that Muslim countries form an alliance with countries that have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan and that the history of the massacre should not be repeated once again.



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