3. Mother stages sit-in says her son kidnapped by HDP
Mother stages sit-in says her son kidnapped by HDP

Mother stages sit-in says her son kidnapped by HDP

A mother, who said her son was kidnapped by the HDP to the mountains to be recruited by PKK, staged a sit-in in front of the Diyarbakır provincial presidency of the HDP.


Hacire Akar, 49, a resident of Diyarbakır, launched a sit-in protest in front of the HDP's Diyarbakır provincial presidency for her son Mehmet Akar, 21, who she said he had been kidnapped by the HDP.

The mother, who has not heard from her son for two days, went to the police station to apply for missing.

According to the information, Mehmet Akar, a resident of the Central Sur district, has been missing for two days. Mehmet Akar's mother Hacire Akar came to the party's provincial chairman on the grounds that her son was kidnapped by the HDPs to the mountain site to be recruited by the PKK. The painful mother had argued with the party members.

Staged a sin-in protest in front of the party building along with her relatives, the mother Akar said her son entered the HDP building and never left again, adding that her sit-in action will continue until her son was given back to her.

Bitter mother Akar stated that another her son was kidnapped by the PKK to the mountain in 1994 and killed on the mountain in 2017.

Saying that her son had been kidnapped by HDPs, the painful mother added: "I'm here for my son. HDP kidnapped my son. My son went into the HDP building and never came out. I want my son back. I'm not leaving this building until my son is brought."

Akar stated that she was making wedding preparations for her son and that his wedding would happen 20 days later. "My son is engaged, we engaged him 3 days after the Eid. He's having a wedding in 20 days."

"I bought gold, I furnished his house, I rented the wedding hall and then he came in here. They put pills in his drinking water, made him unconscious and took him away."

"Where is the Justice of the HDP, where is human rights? Would a 20-day-old groom be kidnapped? This is the third time. They have kidnapped my other two children away before. They kidnap my children when they are over 16-17-year-old."

"Ferhat and Salih were kidnapped and I had my only son, the groom. Where are human rights? Bring those human rights. Nobody comes and talks to us, they try to close the door."

"I will not let this to happen to me again. I am here until my son is back. This place is my new home until I receive my son."

"They were calling my son every day. We received the last phone call from a person who said 'come to the provincial presidency'.  Then my son came out here and we have not heard from him anymore."

Süreyya Aslan, who said that she came before the HDP Diyarbakır provincial presidency to support her sister-in-law, stressed that they would not leave until her nephew is back.

"My nephew disappeared, they took him here. I came here as soon as I heard. We'll wait here. I lost one nephew, I don't want to lose the other. He just disappeared in a moment of excitement while we were waiting for the wedding day. We want my nephew, we'll wait here until he comes. We want my nephew from the HDP."

"If that is what it's about, why the HDP does not take people who are willing to go. Why do they take the poor? The rich use the poor, the rich stay behind, the poor are taken to the mountains."

The sit-in was started by Sinan Böçkün's mother, whose son was kidnapped by the PKK to the mountains in 2014 and her action was later joined by other mothers whose children were kidnapped by the same organization.

The mothers who held sit-ins in front of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality and in Sheikh Said Square were insulted by the decision of the municipality of HDP.



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