Social media is very important to spread Islamic cause

Social media is very important to spread Islamic cause

Emphasizing that letter and poetry, which were used before in the spread of Islam, today supplanted with social media, Sheikh Ali Mohiuddin Al Qaradaghi noted that works should continue in these areas.

Participating to the 3rd Scholars Meeting organized by Scholars and Madrasa Union [Ittihad Al Ulema], Sheikh Ali Mohiuddin Al Qaradaghi, Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and member of International Union of Muslim Scholars Dr. Omar Abdul Aziz spoke to ILKHA's correspondent.

While Qaradaghi drew attention to the importance of social media in the tablikh of Islam and women should be on the forefront in learning science, such as men, Dr. Abdul Aziz pointed out that the leaders of the present Islamic countries do not listen to scholars otherwise the current problems would not happen.

Sheikh Ali Mohiuddin Al Qaradaghi, Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars underlined that the Scholar Meeting organized by Ittihad Al Ulema, which attended by many scholars from Turkiye and abroad, is very important and useful.

"Social media is very important for the spread of the Islamic cause. Allah has commanded us to perform jihad and jihad is the greatest way to spread Islam [Tablikh]," he said.

In the past, letters, poems, and sermons were used for the tablikh. Today, the media has developed and the tablikh needs to be continued in these areas. Our young people don't read books. They use social media all the time. If the scholars use social media well, they would have done a great job. Young people don't go to mosques today. They can go to the mosque if we can use social media well. Of course, it should be used on the path of Islam by observing halal and haram," said Sheikh Ali Mohiuddin Al Qaradaghi.

"Women have a big role to play in the recovery of family and society"

Emphasizing that women should play a major role in science, Qaradaghi said, "Women's duty is very important. Let them read like men and tell the religion of Allah. Let them work day and night for the cause of Islam like men. Women have a big role to play in the recovery of family and society.

Sating that if women perform their duty, the society will attain prosperity and the culture will flourish, Qaradaghi said, "Not just men should in madrasahs. Girls have to read in madrasahs the same way as boys do. In order to explain Islam, women have a great share in this issue. Not only men but also women have to do this. Women are half the society. Women are important for the Islamic cause, and also the Qur'an is mentioning about them in many verses."

"Where there is interest, that society headed for corruption"

"Interest is a big problem. Allah forbids it. Those who do this are fighting Allah. It's never accepted. Wherever there is interest, that society is headed for corruption. The West has a lot of economic difficulties because of interest. Don't look at them as comfortable as they are. In 1928, major economic problems emerged in the West. The cause of the big crisis in 2008 is due to interest. It's been going on since then.  The Islamic Ummah should avoid any kind of interest. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble."

A former member of Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament, and also Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Omar Abdul Aziz expressed that Ittihad al-Ulema has organized three of Scholars' Meeting that he had attended all and found them great benefits to the Islamic Ummah and to the Kurds.

Saying that scholars and teachers go to mosques and madrasahs, but that the younger generation does not go to the mosque and that they do not listen to the elders, Dr. Abdul Aziz added, "If we use social media well, if we communicate religion and Sharia, the young people will come to the mosque. My advice to the scholars is that social media is very important, they need to be able to use it well."

"Current country leaders do not listen to scholars"

Criticizing the rulers of Islamic countries Dr. Abdul Aziz, "The leaders of the current countries do not listen to scholars. It wouldn't have been so much trouble if they'd listened. Leaders and caliphs used to be with the scholar before. They demanded advice from scholars. The situation Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia are obvious. There is another shortage of scholars, they do not support Islamic parties. If they give support, the number of deputies will increase and they will have a say. Scholars have no deficiencies in mosques and madrasahs. They stay away from politics, which is wrong. It is important to support Islamic parties." 


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