3. The declaration of conclusion of “4th Traditional Meeting of Scholars” published
The declaration of conclusion of “4th Traditional Meeting of Scholars” published

The declaration of conclusion of “4th Traditional Meeting of Scholars” published

The “Traditional Meeting of Scholars” organized by ITTIHAD AL-ULEMA in Diyarbakir with the participation of many scholars ended with the declaration of conclusion.


The “4th Traditional Meeting of Scholars” organized by ITTIHAD AL-ULEMA ended with the declaration of conclusion.

The declaration of conclusion of “4th Traditional Meeting of Scholars is in follows:

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Peace and blessings be upon Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh), his people, his companions, and all believers who follow their path.

4th Traditional Meeting of Scholars, which we held on 19-20 October 2019 (20-21 Safer 1441), was successfully concluded with the grace of Allah the Almighty.

Distinguished scholars and important personalities were present. Following the submission and consideration of the communiqués, the following items have been agreed:

1-Due to the fact that the current problems of the peoples living in Islamic countries cannot be solved on the basis of justice, the problems are growing and they are preparing the ground for the imperialists to settle in the Ummah geography, to shed the blood of Muslims by taking advantage of the conflicts between us and to pillage our wealth.

2-We call on the rulers of Islamic countries to act independently in their decisions without being influenced by external forces, in accordance with the commandments and obligations of Allah and in accordance with the benefits of their people.

3-The duty of the scholars is to guide the society in various fields of life by clinging to the commandments of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of God, as in the Asr-ı Saadeh, and to provide an effective contribution to the solution of their problems.

4- Scholars and madrasahs should take responsibility for the return of the Islamic civilization to its former glory days and prepare projects on this subject.

5-Scholars should strive to ensure that society is not thrown to extremes and remains mediocre both in faith and in deeds; they should not separate society with the debates on secondary issues, on the contrary, they should be pioneers in the establishment of social peace.

6-The most important distinguishing characteristic of Muslim peoples is family solidarity. Therefore, we call upon the scholars of the Ummah to stand up against the moral corruption of the Islamic society, especially the moral corruption of women and young people, through determined efforts. Scholars should reach out the young people together with the madrasahs, meet their expectations and solve their problems as much as they can.

7-Without neglecting the traditional structure of the madrasahs and taking into consideration the needs of modern man, a new education system should be established that is suitable for growing a generation that will lead the society. A commission should be established for this purpose.                                                            

8-Women form an important part of the Ummah. Their education, upbringing, appreciation of their values ​​and their placement in the position that Allah has given them is a necessary obligation that cannot be postponed.

9-Children should be directed to reading and madrasa at an early age and a model of education should be established for them according to their age. After the completion of Islamic Studies, students should be canalized to specialties appropriate to their interests and abilities and should be specialized in these fields. The tools and facilities needed for them to achieve this goal should be prepared.

10-New communication instruments have become the essential needs of our age. For this reason, scholars and madrasahs should benefit from this as necessary. Thus, the desired benefits can be achieved while the damage is prevented.

11-The duty of invitation to Islam is a mandatory religious obligation. Therefore, scholars and madrasahs have to pay special attention to this task. However, this duty of invitation should be done with foresight, wisdom and admonition, and the struggle in this field should be done in the best way as Allah Almighty commanded.

12-In addition to the wars in the Islamic world, our youth migrate to the west due to intense injustice, inequity and economic inadequacy. We call on everyone to fight to prevent this migration by establishing social peace in our countries, eliminating oppression and creating jobs for young people. This struggle must be fought so that our young people are prevented from shifting to Western thought and their intellectual deviations are prevented.

And the last of our call will be, "Praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds!"



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