3. "To bow to someone other than Allah is ignorance and misery"
"To bow to someone other than Allah is ignorance and misery"

"To bow to someone other than Allah is ignorance and misery"

Mullah M. Beşir Varol, who spoke on the program on martyrdom in Batman, said, "It is ignorance and misery to bow to someone else than Allah, to accept a judgment other than the judgment of Him."


Speaking in the program organized by Rights and Freedoms Platform member, Love, Education, Culture and Solidarity Association (Sevgi-Der) by the theme of "February, the Month martyrdom", Mullah Beşir Varol drew attention to the Islamic struggle and importance of martyrdom.

Varol, who said that the martyrs of the Islamic cause at all times kept their words to Allah, said, "The companions who were friends of the Messenger of Allah, have always kept their words to Allah. We know the sacrifices of Islamic heroes such as Bediuzzaman, Hassan Al-Banna, and Sayyid Qutb. We see the sacrifice of the Martyr Guide and his friends with him. The load on us if was on the mountains, then the mountains would probably melt. Maybe those mountains would bow, but the loyal Muslims of alhamdulillah did not bow to persecuted, disgusted, ignorant. They stood loyal to their own struggles. [In Turkiye] There were nearly 1,000 martyrs, more than 5 thousand people in prison, and thousands of people were immigrants for this cause."

"To bow to someone other than Allah is ignorance and misery"

Varol, who stated that they did not accept any religion other than Allah's religion, said that they have accepted and promised with their hearts, with their tongues and with all of our bodies, that they will never accept anyone but Allah. "The Universe belongs to Allah and He Who created us created the whole universe, and gave us our sustenance. We do not accept any religion, lawsuit, and order other than His religion. It is ignorance and misery to bow to someone other than Allah, to accept a judgment other than the judgment of Him."

"We want the benefit of our people"

Emphasizing that the enemies of Islam who are disturbed by Islamic service and work in the region in the years of 90s have targeted them, Varol said, "In the '90s, the irreligious people did not accept our Islamic services and attacked us. We have repeatedly said that 'our issue is to tell Islam, we are not siding violence. We do not like violence. Our issue is to make our people win the Jannah [paradise]. We want the benefit of our people and the right path for them.' However, those irreligious people did not listen and understand us. They attacked us and did not accept our cause. They told us 'to leave our homeland or to obey them, or they threatened us with death.' Moreover, we told them that 'we will never hand out our homeland to the tyrants. We are ready to die but will never leave our cause. We will never escape from the death and will never afraid of death.' They still didn’t understand us. Alhamdulillah, Allah again helped His supporters, His cause, His true faithful servants and made us won."

"We need to work harder than the unbelievers"

Varol, who underlined the fact that who follow the Islamic religion would be liberated, said: "We want to save our world from the dictatorship's dominion and deliver it to God's justice. We also are fighting to get rid of hell in the Hereafter and enter into the heaven of our Lord. We work for people's life both here in the world and in the afterlife. We need to work harder than the current disbelievers do. We will lose if we do not do further. Because we are in favor of building, they are on the side of destruction. They are destroying, we are improving. The building is much more difficult than destruction. The real true nationalists are Muslims. Whoever sticks to Islam, he/she wins." (M. Fatih Akgül - ILKHA)


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