3. Unity must be made against the imperialists who make plans on Muslims' blood
Unity must be made against the imperialists who make plans on Muslims' blood

Unity must be made against the imperialists who make plans on Muslims' blood

Naqshbandi Sheikh Abdülkerim Çevik pointed out that the imperialists have made all their accounts on the blood of Muslims, adding that Muslims should unite against these accounts.


The Naqshbandi Sheikh Abdülkerim Çevik stated that the Islamic world is suffering great pains today and that all imperialist powers, especially the USA and Russia, are doing their calculations on the blood of Muslims, calling that Muslims should stop fighting each other and unite against disbelief.

Çevik reminded that Muslim leaders and scholars have great responsibilities, saying that Muslims fighting each other can only increase their abasement.

Underlining that while Muslims are fighting each other, imperialists made money by selling weapons to Muslims, Çevik said that fighting and Jihad could only be done against the people of blasphemy.

"The Islamic world is suffering today. Everyone, especially the U.S. and Russia, makes calculations on the blood of Muslims," said Çevik, adding that Muslims do not have any reaction against those calculations.

"As there is no reaction, we feel that they [imperialist forces] are not our enemy but our real enemy is inside, making our fight and war inside and increasing our humiliation even more.

Of course, the blasphemous states set us against each other. By giving us different names, 'you are from this nation, this sect'. These made us fight each other on those differences. After all, the Muslims are at war with the Muslims right now."

Muslims fighting each other, profane people make money by selling them weapons, he said and continued as follows:

"They do what they want, make us fight each other and sell their resources. If Muslims contemplate this, if they have zeal and honor in themselves, they will say, 'anyone who believes is my brother, who should I fight my brother'.

Nowhere in the Qur'an does a Muslim have a war with a Muslim. A Muslim cannot shed the blood of a Muslim. The fight and jihad are against the infidels."

Çevik emphasized that Muslims leaders and scholars have great responsibilities in order to get out of this situation.

Muslim leaders, scholars, and sheikhs need to come together frequently and first realize the consciousness of the Ummah among themselves.

Then they have to share it with the public. This awareness needs to be established in sermons and mosques.

Because we have an important hellraiser, internet, and social media. They corrupt us, our youth, our society, our morals. Our fight against this must be total."



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