3. "Knowledge, profundity and morality are a whole in Islamic civilization"
"Knowledge, profundity and morality are a whole in Islamic civilization"

"Knowledge, profundity and morality are a whole in Islamic civilization"

"Knowledge, profundity, and morality are undivided in Islamic civilization. Scientific, technological and social developments are worth considering the question of why humanity does not have a better life," said Diyanet President Ali Erbaş.


Director of Religious Affairs Prof. Ali Erbaş delivered a conference in Riyadh to managers of Islamic Affairs in Riyadh, Da'wah and Guidance managers, preachers and orators with the title of "Experience of Religious Education Area of Diyanet in Turkiye and abroad."

Speaking in the conference that Turkiye had benefited significantly from the scientific tradition came the Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 20th century, Erbaş gave information about the educational work carried out by Diyanet at home and abroad.

Erbaş expressed that the world of Islam has experienced difficult processes, highlighted especially the rapid changes in the social, economic and political environment affect the field of education in the last century. "In today's world where the interest, perceptions, and phenomena change very fast in individual and social terms with the influence of information and technology, we have to realize that we have huge issues in the name of teaching religion in the present and in the future."

Erbaş pointed out that the teaching of religion should be handled in all dimensions. He pointed out that, "In order to make up for the delay of the last century and not to be late in the present and the future, we have to handle and negotiate without hesitation to confront ourselves with comprehensive, disciplined and long-term work."

Erbaş who underlined that Islamic sciences are the ultimate aim of human being to establish positive relations with his Lord, society, and environment, emphasized:

"Knowledge, profundity and morality are undivided in Islamic civilization"

"In Islamic civilization, knowledge, wisdom, and morality are a whole. When we look closely at the last two centuries we live in, we see that the greatest crises of history are experienced in the individual and social sense, despite the fact that science, knowledge, and philosophy are very prominent. Scientific, technological and social developments are worth considering the question of why humanity does not have a better life," he added.

Religious teaching should be holistic, beyond classifying scholars with sharp lines in the form of religion/non-religion education. Today which global problems that humanity has in social, political, economic and cultural areas, do not concern Islam and Muslims?  As a matter of fact, we see that on the basis of the problems experienced in fields such as technology, science, economy and law, the distorted and misunderstanding in view of human beings, the environment, and the universe, are that Islam's view of the world and universe has neglected.

"It is obvious that wrong religious knowledge and wrong envision are influencing things such as terrorism and discordant"

"Today, besides the existence of a perception operation with the Islamophobia industry in the global sense, we also know that there are problems in the understanding of religion in Islamic societies as well," said Erbaş. "It is obvious that the wrong religious knowledge and wrong envision are influenced by the abandonment of religious concepts from the context of religion and the transformation of terrorism, ethnicity and sectarian differences into the problem of living. Today we are aware of the deep and comprehensive accumulation of Islamic civilization. It is important to establish close relations between religious institutions and organizations of Muslim countries, to discuss and solve current religious issues, and to develop cooperation in the field of religious service and education. To emphasize that the richness of Islamic thought, knowledge, profundity, and culture brought to our world is very important in terms of the transfer of our countries to our generations in the most beautiful way."




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