3. Umrah award-winning Al-Sira exam holds in Turkiye
Umrah award-winning Al-Sira exam holds in Turkiye

Umrah award-winning Al-Sira exam holds in Turkiye

Umrah award-winning Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya exam was held on Sunday with the theme of 'Read Him, Live Him' by Prophet Lovers Platform throughout Turkiye.


Prophet Lovers Platform held Umrah award-winning Al-Sira exam with the theme of 'Read Him, Live Him' with the participation from 7 to 70 years-old people throughout Turkiye.

The exam, which was held in 60 provinces throughout Turkiye last year, was held in 75 provinces this year with the participation of 300,000 people.

The exam, which has been held regularly since 2010, was held in 4 categories this year. 4 and 5 classes in the first category, 6-7 and 8 classes in the second category, 9-10-11 and 12th-grade students in the third category and those who were born in 2000 and beyond and who hasn’t gone to school at all raced in the fourth category.

In the meantime, there will be various prizes for the contestant who entered the exam. According to the exam results expected to be announced in the first week of March, 5 people will win the Umrah prize. In addition, a total of 2 thousand awards will be distributed in 4 categories.

In Istanbul, people showed great interest in the Al-Sira exam organized by Prophet Lovers Platform. The number of registered for the exam recorded as 32,394 in Istanbul. The parents were present in the exam rooms early in the morning with their children. The enthusiasm of the families who came in to testify their children was worth seeing. Many of the participants stated that they participated for the first time. After the test, the participants expressed their satisfaction from the examination made in general and thanked the Platform of the Prophet Lovers for such examination.


People showed great interest in Al-Sira exam organized by Prophet Lovers Platform with the theme "Read Him, Live Him" in Diyarbakır. Approximately 300 thousand people participated in the Umrah Prize-winning test, while 50,000 people participated in Diyarbakır. People of Diyarbakır, who came to the schools in early hours of the morning to enter the exam, expressed that people learn the life of Prophet under favor of the exam.


Approximately 13,000 people participated in the test made in 40 different places in Gaziantep. Entrants who were observed to have an intense participation compared to last year were ready in the schools from the early hours of the morning. Despite the cold weather, it was seen that some competitors entered the exam with their family and some competitors entered their children. Platform officials at the entrance of the school greeted the competitors who came to the exam. Water, candy, and delight were given to participants. This year, visually impaired people were prepared and entered into the exam.


The Al-Sira Exam conducted by the Platform of Prophet Lovers was held with the participation of 14 thousand people in Mardin. It was observed that especially students were very excited to participate in the exam that started at 11.00. Nurettin Gezgin, Mardin Provincial Coordinator of the Prophet Lovers Platform, who has been explaining about the Umrah award-winning Al-Sira Exam, said that because the examination was very categorized, the public showed great interest.


Around 6,500 people participated in the exam held by Prophet Lovers Platform with the theme "Read Him, Live Him" in Adana. Candidates who participated in 4 different categories in 18 schools in 6 districts of Adana, sweat to answer the questions in the booklets. Prophet Lovers Platform Adana Coordinator İsa Emre said that the examination went smoothly.


Thousands of people attended the Al-Sira exam held in Bitlis too. Despite the rainy weather, attendees were ready in the schools' yards in early hours of the morning. More than 3,000 people entered the exam in 30 different centers. Emrullah Uysal, an official of Prophet Lovers Platform in Bitlis, stated that despite the adverse weather conditions, the testimony of the intensive participation was very pleasing to them and they thanked both the participants and those who took duty in the exam.


More than 18,000 people, young, elderly, women, and men, entered to the Umrah award-winning Al-Sira exam in Batman province. The exam was held in 45 different centers. Parents were seen waiting in the yards of schools for their children. Fevzi Aydın, Prophet Lovers Platform Batman Province Coordinator, said that they had made the exam in 135 centers in districts, towns, and villages.


Approximately 8 thousand people participated in Umrah award-winning Al-Sira exam, which was held in 19 centers in Elazığ. New Ihya Association Chairman Mustafa Yilmaz, who gave information about the exam, said, "Thanks to God, participation in the test is three times higher than that of the previous year. This test is a test that no one fails. Some will win Umrah prize but in reality, all will learn the life of Prophet."


Approximately 5 thousand people participated in the Al-Sira Exam held by the Platform of Prophet Lovers in Ağrı. Contestants, who entered the race with a high attendance compared to last year, were ready in the yards of schools early in the morning hours. Provincial Coordinator Arif Yılmaz, who gave information about the exam, said participation was above the expected level.




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