3. CHP and HDP went beyond the Istanbul Convention
CHP and HDP went beyond the Istanbul Convention

CHP and HDP went beyond the Istanbul Convention

Researcher-author Mahmut Eraslan pointed out that the West spoil the society over the Istanbul Convention by targeting the family, said the CHP and HDP had gone beyond the Istanbul Convention, advocated for deviant relationships such as LGBTI.


Reactions continue to the Istanbul Convention, known as the "Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence", which was signed in Istanbul on 11 May 2011 with the aim of combating so-called violence against women and domestic violence.

The family institution, which is the building and foundation stone of the society, has always continued as the foundation of the society in terms of its sanctity, status, and roles throughout history. The family is one of the main social institutions. The family is one of the first socialization institutions in which humanity was born.

However, our family structure has been targeted by certain circles recently. Laws, especially those imported from the West, threaten our family structure. European-funded demolition projects are being painted in a domestic color in Turkey and imposed on society.

Global capitalism no longer wants to spoil the social structure of Muslim countries by force, but to spread the mentality of disrupting the family and destroying the family institution under the name of "gender equality" and similar projects on all sides.

Mahmut Eraslan, a researcher and author, called on authorities for the cancellation of the Istanbul Convention, which has affected the society and targeted the family since its entry into force.

"Today, those who show up in the name of preventing domestic violence and defending women's rights need to reveal the number of women they victimize and defile in the countries they occupy.

"There is no such institution as 'family' in the West"

Eraslan stated that a healthy family structure is not seen when looking at the Western world. "When we look at Western countries today, the western lifestyle, we don't see a family institution here. There is no such institution as 'family' in the West."

"Everyone lives their own lives, freedoms are unlimited. When this is the case, the disgrace of what we call the ‘Istanbul Convention’ in Turkey is being tried to be implemented in Turkey and they are actually bringing their own way of life to the fore," he noted.

Eraslan underlined that such a model of life is imposed on Turkey's society. "And this is being done under the name of so-called 'preventing domestic violence, protecting and defending the woman'."

Eraslan underscored that there is a collapse in the Western family institution while they follow how much the West values family and women, the events that have happened, as well as domestic violence ultimately from the press.

"So why do they insist? There is also an operation to bring down the family in Turkey. Because the family institution is strong in Turkey. If you want to bring down a country, Turkey is a country with a strong family structure at this point."

Researcher-author Mahmut Eraslan added that: "Therefore, there is a serious effort to bring down the family institution. This is what we clearly understand from the Istanbul Convention."

Stating that they have meetings with NGOs, platforms, associations, and foundations, Eraslan said: "When we consider, yes, violence has increased, there is serious unrest within the family."

Eraslan pointed out that the violence in the family has increased, divorces have increased, children have become rebellious under the name of 'freedom' in the family and problems are still continuing in the family. "As you can see, it revealed in the statistics, unfortunately, the process is not good at the moment."

"CHP and HDP went beyond the Istanbul Convention"

The CHP and HDP went beyond the Istanbul Convention and advocated deviant relations, Eraslan said, continued as follows:

"Now the AK Party government will take a step back on this or not, of course, we want the cancellation of the Istanbul Convention. But when we look at the CHP or HDP who took an active role in this issue, unfortunately, today these parties are going beyond the Istanbul Convention and talking about a different way of life, gender equality.

They have gone beyond accepting a lifestyle that would include different deviant relationships, such as LGBT.

When the mentality is the same, when the perspective is the same, when we look at the leaders of CHP or HDP today, it is not seen that they care very much about the Islamic tradition, the traditions, and customs of this country.

They talk about 'gender equality', which it is more supposedly a contemporary life, which is described by the West, which is their way of life, which there is not the family institution, where everyone is comfortable sleeping with each other."

"We do not want any minds, ideologies, laws and family education that we're going to get from the West"

Saying that they do not want any minds, ideologies, laws and family education from the West, Eraslan said they already have a lot of values of their own.

"At this point, if we act on the values brought by our Prophet, We have enough material, resources, and solutions.

We have enough sources for a way of life that will end violence in the family, violence against women, not only women, children or men, and will make all family members at peace with their relatives, neighbors and the entire universe."

Eraslan also noted that there are examples for such a way of life. "When we look at the family education of our Prophet and his friends, there is no violence against woman and family."



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