3. My son wants to come back, but he's afraid the PKK will do something
My son wants to come back, but he's afraid the PKK will do something

My son wants to come back, but he's afraid the PKK will do something

The Çur family, whose children were abducted to the mountains, recently joined the families in the sit-in protest staged in front of the HDP building in Diyarbakır.


The number of families joining sit-in protest in Diyarbakır, a southeastern province of Turkey, in front of the HDP building on the ground that their children were abducted to the mountains is increasing every day.

The number of families joined sit-in protest has increased to 13 with the participation of the Çur and Demir families.

Mother Necla Çur and father Bedirhan Çur along with Emine Demir joined the sit-in protest, saying they heard news about mothers' sit-in protests and came here.

The Çur family said that they participated in the sit-in action from the Eleşkirt, district of Ağrı for their kidnapped son Vahit Çur, while the Demir family said they joined the protest from Diyarbakır for their kidnapped child Aziz Demir.

Mother Necla Çur said her son was tricked and kidnapped to the mountains 4 years ago when he was 15.

Stating that the PKK organization is scaring her son and tell her son, 'if you go, the state will hurt you', mother Necla Çur called on her child, "So here I am calling my son: my son, they are all lying. You are a brave boy. Come on Out, Boy, You Got Guts. Get up the courage, run, come. Screw up your courage and run."

Adding that they are a poor family, grieving mother Necla Çur said they have no one in Diyarbakır while she and her husband came from a far distance only for their son.

"I came here only for my son. I'm not leaving anywhere without my son. We live in the village of Çatkösedağ in Eleşkirt, Ağrı. We came here to get our son."

Father Bedirhan Çur also said his son wants to come but could not come because he was afraid.

"I went to see my son a year ago. I saw my son, I saw him. They brainwashed my son. My child is scared, they scare him. If they didn’t scare him, he would come back. My son said, 'I want to come but I can't come because I'm afraid of them'."

Painful father Bedirhan Çur noted that he would not back to his village until he gets his son back.

Another mother, who joined the sit-in protest, claimed that the HDP deceived her son and kidnapped to the mountains.

"I came to get my son back. His father passed away. This might not have happened if their father had been alive. My kid was 16 years old, they tricked and kidnapped him."

Mother Güzide Demir added that she has searched everywhere to find her son for four years. "I went to the gate of Syria and stayed there for 2 days. I slept on the floor, but I came back without a result."

"I cry every day. My son was a bit naive; they tricked him and took him away. We've been waiting for him for years. There's nothing we can do. My son has been on the mountain for 4 years. I want my son now. I don't want anything else."

Mother Güzide Demir noted that she had a phone conversation with her son that her son told he is in Syria and injured. "He said he was in Syria, wounded in the foot. He said he suffered injuries to both feet. My son was very upset and crying."



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