HÜDA PAR: Syrian civil war is rapidly turning into a mire in all aspects

HÜDA PAR: Syrian civil war is rapidly turning into a mire in all aspects

The spokesman of HÜDA PAR Şehzade Demir has drawn attention to the humanitarian plight inal-Hol and Roj camps of northern Syria in his weekly statement regarding the recent developments in the world.

Şehzade Demir also made important observations on the growing hostility towards Muslims in European countries

The humanitarian plight in al-Hol and Roj camps

Reminding that the United Nations called on 57 member states to repatriate their own citizens held in Syria's al-Hol and Roj camps, Demir said: “These camps, where people from different countries and their spouses and children are kept, constitute a significant human rights violation in the Syrian civil war. The living conditions of the camps are heavy and untenable, trampling on human dignity. The Syrian civil war is rapidly advancing to an irreversible point, turning into a mire in all aspects. The failure of the 5th round of the Constitutional Committee, which is promising at the political solution to the conflict, is one of the indicators of this. Although the hopes for a political solution for Syria diminish day by day, action should be taken urgently to end the humanitarian plight in the country.”

Demir called on the international organizations to improve the living conditions of the refugees who have to live in the camps.

The growing hostility towards Muslims in European countries

Underlining that more than 900 attacks against Muslims and Muslim organizations have been reported in Germany in 2020, Demir went on to say: “In the country, where new attacks against Islam take place every day, no steps have been taken to prevent the attacks so far. While Muslims in many countries of Europe are subjected to ill-treatment, assimilation, and attacks, on the other hand, the religious freedom of Muslims is tried to be restricted. The fact that French Interior Minister Darmanin rivals far-right leader Le Pen in hostility towards Islam is a proof of the growing Anti-Islam in the country. The anti-Islamic administrations that come to power are trying to create 'European Islam' with legal regulations as well as inciting attacks on Muslims. Muslim organizations trying to prevent these attacks with legal reactions are subject to sanctions.”

Demir noted that the Islamic world ignores the Muslims in Europe whose religious freedoms are denied and exposed to racist attacks, and continues to cooperate with anti-Islamist regimes.

Demir also urged the Muslim nations to act urgently to protect the rights and freedoms of Muslims in Europe who live under the pressure of racist regimes.

“Otherwise, these pressures and injustices will turn into state policies and increase to irresistible dimensions,” Demir concluded. 

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